Monday, September 18, 2017

Writing Accents and Slang

Our daughter and I have been watching a Scottish sitcom on Netflix, as well as a few British sitcoms.  They're all really funny, and I think funnier and better than American sitcoms.

Besides the plots, I find the accents very interesting.  We have to watch them all with the closed captioning on.  Our daughter was down the hall and heard the dialogue for the Scottish show.  She said it sounded like a foreign language to her, because she couldn't see the words at the bottom of the screen.

They might speak English but it's not the norm.  For example, in the Scottish sitcom, they might say, 'Innae ye frae doon the street?'  That means, 'Aren't you from down the street?'  They also call a woman a 'hen.'  In the British ones, I've heard words like 'chuffed' (means excited, I think), and quid (pound).  I've resorted to looking some of the words up while watching the shows, just to figure out what's going on.

When I worked on my Scottish Football Series, I did a bit of research into the language.  I didn't put a lot of the different language into my books, because I didn't think Americans would understand it, unless they'd spent time in Scotland.  Even so, the language is gorgeous to listen too all over the U.K.  I even find myself slippin' a few wee words into my brain once in a while.

So, when you're writing a different language or dialect, don't inundate your reader with difficult to understand words.  Slip them in every once in a while and your reader will thank you.

Have a great week!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Alone Again! YAY!

I love to write but many times, I get a lot of disruptions.  It's so frustrating.  Between kids, the dogs, and a small job I had, I could barely remember what I wrote in the last sentence, let alone in a whole book.

Starting today, that small job is over, the kids are all employed, and it's just the dogs and me at home.  Wow.  I'm so excited!

Have you ever had that problem, where life gets in the way of your dreams?  Welcome to my world...and welcome to some new stories that are bound to come now from SweetTale Books.

Have a great week!
SweetTale Books

Monday, September 4, 2017

To be a writer... have to write.  I forget where I heard that from, but it really struck a chord with me.

It's one of those 'well, duh' moments, I know, but it means a lot more than that.  You can't just say 'I'm a writer' but haven't written much or anything at all.

I've been watching this one series where one of the main characters is a famous writer.  He's worth a ton of money...but you never see him writing.  He's probably a 'one-book' wonder, and now is terrified that he can't write anymore to live up to that expectation.

Have you ever had that fear?  After one book, you know you can never get back that mojo?  We've all done that, as writers, but I go back to the phrase, 'To be a writer you have to write.'  Fear inhibits that writing instinct, so get rid of the fear and just write.

Have a super week!
SweetTale Books

Monday, August 28, 2017

Believe You Can

Do you have a story inside you that you want to get out to the world?  Why aren't you writing it down?  Are you afraid of failure, or worse yet, afraid of success?

Here's what I suggest.  Write the story down for yourself.  Don't worry about putting it out to the rest of the world, but write it for yourself.  When you're done, if you think it's worthwhile, give it to your friends and family to read first.  Then give it to an editor and take it from there to be published, sharing your story with the rest of the world.

Believe you can do it, because if I can do it multiple times over, you certainly can do it.  I have no special training in writing, but learned from watching what others did.

Believe you can do it, because I believe you can!

Have a fantastic day today!
SweetTale Books

Monday, August 21, 2017

Cleaning up your life...

In the book, 'Ginger, Spice, and everything Not Nice,' (by Paige Ryter, which is 99 cents at Amazon this week), Rick has his friends give Lyra a major makeover, using alien technology.  Her entire life changes, because she's beautiful.  She's lost 50 pounds, had her hair cut, wears makeup, and is now dressed in hot clothes.  Her entire confidence level skyrockets.  Her life has been cleaned up.

We're doing that at our house, too--cleaning up our lives.  We started by going through the entire house and downsizing BIG time.  Yesterday, our daughters and I spent the whole afternoon cleaning out the garage.  It's amazing!  I feel so much better knowing the place is clean.  We just have a little bit more to do and the entire house will be done (we've been working for at least six months on this project).

Have you ever wanted to do that--change your whole life to give yourself a new perspective?  Me, too!  We're downsizing so that when my husband retires, we can move with very few material items.  I told him I want ONE POD.  We'll see if I can do that. 😉

Check out 'Ginger, Spice, and everything Not Nice' on Amazon this week (just 99 cents).  I think you'll like it!

Read the whole first chapter here.

Have a great week!
Paige/SweetTale Books

Monday, August 14, 2017

Candy Crush

I'm a new addict to Candy Crush.  I know...that's so early 2000's, but hey...I'm a little slow.  I blame the show Candy Crush on this addiction.  But I'm not as bad as my husband, who is REALLY addicted to playing it on MY Nook.

I've found a few things out about life from Candy Crush.  Sometimes, you can't get to point B without doing something at point A.  It's kind of like in a book.  You can't present parts of the plot until you have a few things described beforehand, like back story, or setting up a crisis by showing the stuff beforehand and why it's a crisis.

Yeah.  I know.  Candy Crush isn't like a book...but isn't it?  One things leads to another and all of a sudden, you're in a bad place with no way out--what is perfect for books.

Have a super week!  Check out the 99 cent deal this week at featured books on my website.  This week, it's a YA called 'The Improbable Legend of Lucy George,' which is good for ALL ages.

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Monday, August 7, 2017

99 cents this week: All the Better to Love You With

99 cents this week!

Love Christian romance that's not preachy but just fun?  Check this book out!  It's loosely based on Little Red Riding Hood, but in this case, Red's not so innocent.  She's arrested by Sheriff Wolfe for stealing her granny's car, just so she could visit her other granny.

Here's the web page, so you can read more.  Click on excerpt on that page and you'll get the first chapter.  Enjoy!

Eryn/SweetTale Books