Friday, December 30, 2011

Chance to win a gift certificate, and GET A FREE BOOK!!!

Go on over to Sandy's Spotlight and leave a comment! You can win an Amazon gift certificate. Also, on that page, pick up a free copy of Cameo Appearance. Here's the blurb:

While being blackmailed by her ex-boyfriend who wants to turn her in as the witness to a murder some five years before, Cameo Dreyden has done her best to put the incident behind her. When she finds out the creep is going public anyway, Cameo has no choice but to disappear to places unknown, with a Prince who wants to make her his bride.

The South Pacific is as far away from the Unites States as she can find. Prince Reginald of Charmania whisks Cameo off her feet with a gentle but electrifying kiss, while battling demons of his own. The island nation needs a stable monarchy, because the threat of a takeover to get the newly discovered riches is imminent. Under the island's rules, since the king's ill, Prince Reginald has to marry to save his country, and Cameo's been chosen as future queen.

Surrounded in this idealistic fairy tale setting with castles, frolicking dolphins and the promise of a life of luxury in exchange for her hand in marriage, Cameo couldn't possibly turn it down. However, she's torn between staying to save the monarchy and fleeing to save her life while sacrificing her heart.

Come on over to Book Discussion (even if you haven't read the book) and join in with the fun!


Friday, December 23, 2011

LaSR blog posting today!

I’m on the Stuff Your Stocking with Books Blogfest on LaSR ( starting at 6 AM. You get to see a REALLY COOL fun video, too!

Come on over and comment, for a chance to win an Amazon gift of one of five ebooks (up to $3 value) from my Christmas bookshelf at The drawing for those books are on December 31.

I’m also giving away a coupon (until Dec. 30) to get my latest Christmas book, ‘A Dream to Share.’ So come on over and snag a fun book if you haven’t gotten it already.

Have a wonderful holiday season! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Stuff Your Stockings Blog Hop!!!

NOTE!  This contest is now over.  The winners are:  Steph, Bookwyrm369, Lisa, flchen1, and Jennifer L.  You should each be getting an email from me.  If not, then I don't have your right email address.  Email for details.  Thanks, everyone, for posting!

HO-HO-HO!!! Have I got a deal for you!

First, I want to GIFT a book to you…a CHRISTMAS ROMANCE! From December 16-18, go to and enter the code NP47A at checkout for a free copy of ebook 'A Dream to Share.'

Next, I want to tell you about this VERY cool site:

This page has a TON of Christmas-related books, of all heats and genres. It's a one-stop Christmas shop!

For FIVE posters below, I will gift you one FREE ebook from the list on up to $6 for the ebook.

What a sweet deal!!! A free book for everyone, and free ebooks for five winners. You can't beat that, because EVERYONE WINS! LOL!

*** NOTE: Make sure you put your email address on the post, so the winners can be contacted to ask for the title and author of the book to be sent. ***

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
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Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Book! Voo Do Love Me! #2 in the Extreme Travel Series!

This is #2 in the Extreme Travel Series. The first book was Get Me Out of Africa. In the first book, Kes was accidentally initiated into the CIA way of life with her boss, James.

In this second book, Kes and James go on another CIA trip, but this time, to Haiti (written before the big earthquake of 2010). After being the only survivors of a plane crash, they run into a voodoo clan, Kes is eaten by leeches, and someone wants James and her dead.

In other words, it's just another 'fun' day for Kes while helping the CIA in a job she doesn't even have.


Monday, December 12, 2011

WOW! I received an award!!!

I'd like to thank Sandy Wolters at Sandy's Spotlight for giving me this award. This is so sweet! Thank you, Sandy!

I was asked to tell seven things about myself:

1) I write as five different people.
2) I'm a mom and a wife with three teenagers, one in college; and two pets right now (a lionhead rabbit and a border collie).
3) I'd addicted to my Kindle, even taking it with me to church.
4) I live in the Green Bay area (GO PACK GO!!!)
5) I HATE HATE HATE snow and ice (I contradicts #4) and would rather live in TX or anywhere south of Chicago.
6) I hang out on the Spinning Wheel
7) One more...hmmm...I'm old? I dye my hair? Let's see...Oh, I know! I'm a curmudgeon! LOL!

I'm passing this award on to five more blogs that are fun:

1) Romancing the Blog hosted by Nancy O'Berry.
2) A Moose Walked Into a Bar hosted by Barbara Silkstone, L.C. Evans, and Karen Cantwell.
3) The Top Shelf hosted by Misty Rayburn.
4) Diane Craver's Blog hosted by Diane Craver.
5) Rebecca J. Vickery, Author and Indie-Publisher hosted by Rebecca Vickery.

Thank you all for having wonderful blogs!



I'm on TWO blogs today...with three books' coupons listed on both blogs (same books). Also, I have a chance to win a $10 gift certificate on one of the blogs.

So hurry on out there and check out the blogs! They're listed on SweetTale Books' news. They're also here:


Friday, December 9, 2011

New Book--'What? I Have Superpowers?'

New book! This one is near and dear to my heart, since it's different than every other book I've written, and my first endeavor into the sci-fi world. It's so much fun to write and read!

Blurb: Jenna Meade lives in Cary, North Carolina, and is a typical student starting her junior year in high school. At least she thinks she's typical, until Erik Gibson walks into the school. Erik's a bad boy, and very forward...just what Jenna has been drawn to, yet trying to avoid as an honor student. Erik has exactly her same schedule, and finally explains he's from outer space, on earth to protect Jenna. She can't believe it until he explains that she's a princess from the planet Dyrl, and proves to her that she has superpowers. Now it's up to them to save Dyrl and the earth.

And to think her worst problem used to be high school.



Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy December!!!

I can't believe it's December already!!! If you want some very cool Christmas books, go to Christmas bookshelf and find a bunch of ebooks for sale for the holidays!

Also, I have three Christmas books out, myself:

Check out some of my blog postings on my news page to get these books free.

Have a super day!
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Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

This week, I think back over the things I'm most thankful for. Many things come to mind, but I have to admit that this year, I'm truly truly thankful for the many friends and readers I've met over the past year. You guys are the best!

I'd like to share a family recipe for Pumpkin Pie if you'd like to have it. It's located at: Enjoy!

Have a wonderful week!
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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Upcoming Blog Posts

I've listed all my upcoming guest spots for blog posts. Some will be here, some elsewhere. Come join me for free books and contests!

The location of the blogs are listed on the news page.


Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas comes early!

This is just the coolest story E-VER...and I'm not just blowing smoke.

This past week, I was talking to my buddy, Nancy O'Berry, about this site that wanted to collect a bunch of Christmas books. She tried to email, but the email bounced back and we took it as a sign that we weren't wanted. So I had this wild idea to start my OWN list, on a virtual Christmas bookshelf. The other site was nothing like this, and I could include ANYONE'S books, any genre, any heat or violence on the page. Granted, I wanted to get three Christmas books out before the end of the month that all needed editing, AND finish this YA I'm writing, also before Christmas. But hey...I think I'm getting ADD, so I shifted my attention to work on it, since I'd already done a bookshelf for the Spinning Wheel Amazon Forum.  I wanted it to be for everyone.  If you don't have a Kindle, don't despair...I've included the author website for other links to other ereader sales sites for their books.  Just click on their name and you'll go to the author page.  AND, if you don't have an ereader, you can always get a free Kindle to PC app or Nook to PC app from the selling websites (on the right-hand side on the Amazon page).

Now I'm getting a BUNCH of feedback about the bookshelf (click on the picture above to see the bookshelf page). I have met the most AMAZING people, sending me their books for the site. They're all WONDERFUL, the type of people you feel like you've been friends with for years, but just met. I can't thank them enough for introducing themselves. And besides that, I'm hearing that ever since their book's been on the 'shelf' their Amazon sales numbers have gotten better. The buzz is on yahoo groups, forums, the kindleboards, and emails, saying how cool this is. They're tweeting, facebooking, etc., to get the word out that here's where you need to do some Christmas shopping!

FANTASTIC!!! So I may have done something right and fun for once? If you're an author or a reader, feel free to visit that page. Send me your Christmas books...I'll take anything as long as the word 'Christmas' is in it and it's set at Christmastime.

Thank you, thank you, thank you all for sending me your fantastic books! I now have a Christmas list online for my husband. LOL!!!


Friday, November 4, 2011

Life just hands us plots...

I don't know why these things happen to me, but some of my friends think there's some cosmic force out there, directing all crazies my way.

Yesterday was proof of this force. I drove my two younger kids to school (the older kid is in college, far, far three or so hours away). We were on time for our youngest's 7:00 class. If you've ever been up north, like in the tundra of Wisconsin (LOL...we have grass to mow, STILL), you know it gets dark really early in the fall/winter, especially when it's almost time to turn clocks back (this Sunday, by the way). So it was dark, and we're traveling to school.

There's a man a few blocks from here who is from a foreign country (I only mention that because I think he never really learned how to drive). He doesn't know how to read the word 'STOP,' I think, because he NEVER stops at stopsigns. I've witnessed this on numerous occasions when traveling to school before 7 to take my daughters to school. But yesterday, he was a minute earlier than normal. I passed his street, at the intersection he usually blows off, at the time he had to stop. He inched into the intersection when my car was right in front of him, so I honked, as to not be killed.

The guy took this on as his personal mission, to harass me. He tailgated me to school (another few blocks) and almost hit me in the school parking lot (no kidding...our youngest screamed thinking we'd die going fifteen or less mph). After that, I figured I'd take a different way home, not near this guy's house. But he was on a mission. He stalked me to the road near our house, right on my tail. When I had to take a street that leads to our street, he put on his left turn signal, as well. I was a victim, being stalked. I figured I'd just drive to a grocery store and call the cops, I was that scared. I watched him in my rearview mirror after I made the left turn onto the street, when I saw someone pass him on the right, back on that street. Crazy driver guy decided to go straight and cut that guy off, thus I heard a honking sound.

I was scared. I ran to my house, hid in the garage, and locked all the doors. Fortunately, the guy didn't see my face, since it was so dark outside. I emailed my husband at work and all my friends, telling them if they read about my obituary in the paper, this guy did it. Most of them told me to call the cops, but it would be crazy guy's word against mine.

A good friend of mine told me I should direct the guy to Starbucks, to meet this other crazy lady who wished me a 'Happy Fish Fry Friday.' HUH???? But that's another whole plot.

I could see crazy driver guy in a thriller plot. I know it's been done before, but what if the road rage made him bomb my house? Or what if he went after my daughters at school (someone told me to alert the school just in case)? Or what if he's really a serial killer, and I'd just become his new target because I honked so I wouldn't die? OR what if he's already in cahoots with fish fry Friday lady?

So, you see, plots are all around us. You just have to realize it or get out to find them. As for me, I'm hiding out until crazy driver guy finds a new victim...and I'll be at Starbucks, incognito, today, to see if he shows up to see fish fry Friday lady.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Howdy do, Wednesday!

Since I have the coupons on Markee's Place blog until November 5, I thought I'd blog here. If you've been missing me, I'm alive and well, still writing as four (well, five, but one's currently inactive) different people, all bloggers here. LOL! YIKES! That means I must have a split personality disorder or something. HA! I try to make all my pen names have different personalities, but know they're all just me.

My middle kid went to the state capital today, for her political science class. Because of that, she wiped out all my cash in my purse, so she could get into some museum and eat lunch. Therefore, after dropping her and our youngest off at school (our oldest is in college, far, far away from here), I stopped at the bank's ATM. I had this weird feeling someone was watching me, just waiting for a criminal to try to steal my card as I put it into the ATM in the lit part outside the bank. It was strange, and I'd never had that feeling before. Have you? No one approached me and the sidewalks and streets were pretty empty (it was before seven this morning).

After that, I went to the gas station. The pumps had just gotten new software, so using a credit card at the pump was difficult, at best. I had to go inside to pay. Heaven forbid!

That's when I decided that today should have the motto, 'Take no prisoners,' in honor of the gas station that just bugged me.

Have you ever had a day that started out like this, where you just KNEW it was going to suck? If so, welcome to my world.

Off to goal is to get four books out by Christmas, for the new Kindle Fire release this month. Should be fun, and each of my pen names should have a new book out by Christmas. I hope you enjoy them!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Whisper a Prayer--New Book!!! YAY!

I have a new book out, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Here's a blurb: When breast cancer survivor, Pam Humphrey, learns that her real mother had to give her for adoption as a child up out of fear, Pam travels from Colorado Springs to Austin, Texas, to find her heritage. She gets nowhere in her search until she meets Jake Marshall, a Christian private investigator. She explains that she wants to know her family's medical background and wants to make sure she doesn't date her brother...things like that. When Jake finds out more about Pam's past, the news is scary. Pam has to whisper a prayer to really understand who she’s related to. It's up to her to walk away from her real family and return to Colorado, or to stay with Jake, the one man who ever cared, willing to protect her from her heritage.

I hope you enjoy it!

Eryn Grace

Monday, October 17, 2011


Hey! Want some free books? COOL! Check out the coupons on I have these three listed for now, the coupons good until November 5, 2011.

Here are the three books:

To get the FREE DOWNLOAD coupon, go to and get the directions from the links on Smashwords.

Enjoy the books!
Sweettale Books

Thursday, October 6, 2011

New book, 'A Heart That's Just Right'

My latest book, 'A Heart That's Just Right' is out. It's a Christian romance, loosely based on the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

*** NOTE: Based on Christian morals--Christian Romance ***

Coco Goldy’s car slides on ice in the middle of a Colorado blizzard early in the morning. She finds herself at the doorstep of Jonathan Beare, who resides in the huge home with his elderly mother and father. He thinks she’s the famous burglar-lady-in-black, but she’d never heard of the woman—she just likes to dress in black. She’s stuck at the home, finding out that the man who takes her into his home is none other than the rich owner of Beare Candies. Even though he has a goal of helping her realize her gifts from God, she wants to get away from him before he realizes she’s not the person he thinks she is.

Approximately 87,000 words and 295 pages, priced low for readers to enjoy.

Enjoy and God bless you!

New book! 'Stalking Sydney' is out!

'Stalking Sydney,' a mystery/romance novel, is out! YAY!

When Sydney Burke is almost strangled by a serial killer with a penchant for poetry, she becomes the focus of a certain FBI agent named Joe Ross, who’s hunting for the serial killer. Sydney is a stringer—a freelance journalist who races to newsworthy scenes to get video to put on the air for a fee. She unwillingly becomes a target for the serial killer who wants something from her. Between dealing with a crazy ex-boyfriend, paying off gambling debts to a pimp, and staying away from a congressman with Alzheimer’s in a quest for her identity, Sydney has to find the killer and escape the city before she becomes the next victim of his bad poetry and a gun to the head.

Approximately 84,000 words, 297 pages, and priced low for readers to enjoy.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

'Get Me Out Of Africa' by Andie Alexander

New book!!! An adventure/mystery by Andie Alexander, it's the first of a series of a bunch of books I've already written.

Here's the blurb: An African business trip for Kes Madrid turns out to be a lot more exciting when she and her sexy-but-engaged boss fall into the Zambezi river after their raft tips over. Landing on the Zimbabwe side has Kes terrified. She wants to go home, but her boss has other plans, putting them smack-dab in the middle of a coup. The nation's rebels and the CIA are ready to take the country away from the dictatorial leader and give it to the people. In the meantime, Kes' life will be put on the line as the most wanted in the nation, which is definitely not on her 'bucket list.'

It was a really fun book to write. It's lighthearted and when you read it, think of me like Kes. I want to be JUST like her when I grow up. :)

It's a full-length story of about 91,527 words and 347 pages, priced low for readers to enjoy.
For more information, go to Enjoy!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Release: The Lingerie Castle!

I have a new release out: The Lingerie Castle. It's a sweet romance, and not erotic at all.

*** NOTE: This is a sweet romance and not erotica—no sex, violence, nor swear words. The title is just the name of Alexis’ business, not of her own making. No castle and no lingerie were used or abused in the writing of this story. ***

When clothing designer Alexis Carlson accidentally spills her wine on the Scotsman sitting beside her on the plane overseas, she has no idea he's Camden Monroe—the famous European soccer player, and the client who wants her to design an entire clothing line using his name. Even though she just wants to do her job, Camden takes her on a working 'romp' around Scotland, asking more questions about her family-owned business and her life than she wants to answer. Alexis can't date clients because of past problems, but when Camden's American supermodel ex-girlfriend wants Camden back, Alexis wishes she could compete, but knows she's destined to be alone.

Full-length story, of about 99,326 words, and about 359 pages, priced low for readers to enjoy.

For more information, go to


Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Release...'A Heapin' Helping of Three Cross Faith'

I published this book this past week and already have people buying it! AMAZING! :)

This book is about a woman named Niki who doesn't think God loves her. She's had a really tough past and never really got over what happened to her at her church as a teenager. She's hiding out in New York City as the manager of bands, when she's given a Christian recording artist, Austin Cole, who's on the verge of making it big. It just so happens that his cab hits her car and gives her a concussion before she even meets the guy. He takes her to Texas to hear the rest of the band, but Niki's terrifying ordeal as a child has her hesitant to even go into a church. Austin and she work through all the problems, while her past lurks in the background.

I'd encourage you to try it out...the first chapter is online at my website.

This book is the first of a series about the community of Three Cross, Texas. I have two more of the series written, but just need to edit them and publish them. I also have more plots ready to write. I just love those characters and Texas! :)

Enjoy and God bless you!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Angel 911: Bullied

My book is out! YAY!

This book is about a girl who's being bullied. An angel is sent to help her, to get her through the evil in her school.

Since bullying is very real in schools, I felt it was necessary to write a book about someone who's living the daily threat of being hurt or harassed. I've seen it happen, myself, in the schools when I was a teacher so many years ago. It's not good, and I stepped in to stop it every chance I got. But these days, many times, teachers and other professionals are too busy to get involved. My son had this problem in middle school. He has a form of autism (Asperger's Syndrome), and was the perfect victim. I was his biggest advocate, fighting to make sure school was a safe place for him. It continued in high school, but I had a teacher in my corner that made sure it stopped before it escalated. I was lucky with him, but with my daughters, it's more covert bullying.

The point is that bullying needs to stop. No one should be afraid to walk the 'hallway of horror' where they're harassed every morning, at least.

I hope you enjoy my book. This is the first of a series of books addressing problems teenagers (and everyone else, for that matter) experience on a day-to-day basis.

Peace out,

Monday, September 12, 2011

Are you a bystander or a hero?

It's been ten years since the attack on our country on 9-11. A lot has happened, and I truly believe we, as a country, have lost our innocence. This has happened in almost every other country in the free world, especially in Europe.

The thought of losing one's innocence and realizing there are terrifying things out there in the world affected me, after 9-11. That's one thing that made me want to write my current books for sale (below) that show how one person's life is changed when confronted with evil.

I also will have another book coming out soon, where a woman named Kes is an innocent bystander in a country where she thought she'd be a tourist. Her boss pulls her into a coup, to take back a country for the people and against a dictatorship. She has to decide if she wants to stay innocent or actually fight for what's right. It's entitled, 'Get Me Out Of Africa.'

What would you do if you were in a situation where you had to ignore the problem or become a fighter? In remembrance of 9-11, could you take on the terrorists like the hero Todd Beamer did, on flight 93? (Todd Beamer's biography, and an article about his heroic act. ) Or would you sit on a plane and not know what to do? I ask myself that question a lot, not knowing the answer and hoping I'm never in that situation. I hope I'm a fighter who can say 'Let's roll,' not to make a name for myself, but to save more lives, just like Todd did. Or I hope I can be like Kes in my next book or the main character in any of my books, who steps up for what's right.

It just makes me think...and I hope my books do the same for you.

Andie Alexander

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Welcome to SweetTale Books, the marketing home for various authors. Make sure you click on 'home' (link above) to see the latest books offered on our site. If you click on 'links,' you'll see the websites for each of our authors.

Have a super day! For those people who lost loved ones on 9-11-01, God bless you all.

Happy Reading!!!
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