Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Release: The Lingerie Castle!

I have a new release out: The Lingerie Castle. It's a sweet romance, and not erotic at all.

*** NOTE: This is a sweet romance and not erotica—no sex, violence, nor swear words. The title is just the name of Alexis’ business, not of her own making. No castle and no lingerie were used or abused in the writing of this story. ***

When clothing designer Alexis Carlson accidentally spills her wine on the Scotsman sitting beside her on the plane overseas, she has no idea he's Camden Monroe—the famous European soccer player, and the client who wants her to design an entire clothing line using his name. Even though she just wants to do her job, Camden takes her on a working 'romp' around Scotland, asking more questions about her family-owned business and her life than she wants to answer. Alexis can't date clients because of past problems, but when Camden's American supermodel ex-girlfriend wants Camden back, Alexis wishes she could compete, but knows she's destined to be alone.

Full-length story, of about 99,326 words, and about 359 pages, priced low for readers to enjoy.

For more information, go to www.markeeanderson.com/thelingeriecastle.html


Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Release...'A Heapin' Helping of Three Cross Faith'

I published this book this past week and already have people buying it! AMAZING! :)

This book is about a woman named Niki who doesn't think God loves her. She's had a really tough past and never really got over what happened to her at her church as a teenager. She's hiding out in New York City as the manager of bands, when she's given a Christian recording artist, Austin Cole, who's on the verge of making it big. It just so happens that his cab hits her car and gives her a concussion before she even meets the guy. He takes her to Texas to hear the rest of the band, but Niki's terrifying ordeal as a child has her hesitant to even go into a church. Austin and she work through all the problems, while her past lurks in the background.

I'd encourage you to try it out...the first chapter is online at my website.

This book is the first of a series about the community of Three Cross, Texas. I have two more of the series written, but just need to edit them and publish them. I also have more plots ready to write. I just love those characters and Texas! :)

Enjoy and God bless you!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Angel 911: Bullied

My book is out! YAY!

This book is about a girl who's being bullied. An angel is sent to help her, to get her through the evil in her school.

Since bullying is very real in schools, I felt it was necessary to write a book about someone who's living the daily threat of being hurt or harassed. I've seen it happen, myself, in the schools when I was a teacher so many years ago. It's not good, and I stepped in to stop it every chance I got. But these days, many times, teachers and other professionals are too busy to get involved. My son had this problem in middle school. He has a form of autism (Asperger's Syndrome), and was the perfect victim. I was his biggest advocate, fighting to make sure school was a safe place for him. It continued in high school, but I had a teacher in my corner that made sure it stopped before it escalated. I was lucky with him, but with my daughters, it's more covert bullying.

The point is that bullying needs to stop. No one should be afraid to walk the 'hallway of horror' where they're harassed every morning, at least.

I hope you enjoy my book. This is the first of a series of books addressing problems teenagers (and everyone else, for that matter) experience on a day-to-day basis.

Peace out,

Monday, September 12, 2011

Are you a bystander or a hero?

It's been ten years since the attack on our country on 9-11. A lot has happened, and I truly believe we, as a country, have lost our innocence. This has happened in almost every other country in the free world, especially in Europe.

The thought of losing one's innocence and realizing there are terrifying things out there in the world affected me, after 9-11. That's one thing that made me want to write my current books for sale (below) that show how one person's life is changed when confronted with evil.

I also will have another book coming out soon, where a woman named Kes is an innocent bystander in a country where she thought she'd be a tourist. Her boss pulls her into a coup, to take back a country for the people and against a dictatorship. She has to decide if she wants to stay innocent or actually fight for what's right. It's entitled, 'Get Me Out Of Africa.'

What would you do if you were in a situation where you had to ignore the problem or become a fighter? In remembrance of 9-11, could you take on the terrorists like the hero Todd Beamer did, on flight 93? (Todd Beamer's biography, and an article about his heroic act. ) Or would you sit on a plane and not know what to do? I ask myself that question a lot, not knowing the answer and hoping I'm never in that situation. I hope I'm a fighter who can say 'Let's roll,' not to make a name for myself, but to save more lives, just like Todd did. Or I hope I can be like Kes in my next book or the main character in any of my books, who steps up for what's right.

It just makes me think...and I hope my books do the same for you.

Andie Alexander

Sunday, September 11, 2011


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Have a super day! For those people who lost loved ones on 9-11-01, God bless you all.

Happy Reading!!!
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