Friday, September 16, 2011

Angel 911: Bullied

My book is out! YAY!

This book is about a girl who's being bullied. An angel is sent to help her, to get her through the evil in her school.

Since bullying is very real in schools, I felt it was necessary to write a book about someone who's living the daily threat of being hurt or harassed. I've seen it happen, myself, in the schools when I was a teacher so many years ago. It's not good, and I stepped in to stop it every chance I got. But these days, many times, teachers and other professionals are too busy to get involved. My son had this problem in middle school. He has a form of autism (Asperger's Syndrome), and was the perfect victim. I was his biggest advocate, fighting to make sure school was a safe place for him. It continued in high school, but I had a teacher in my corner that made sure it stopped before it escalated. I was lucky with him, but with my daughters, it's more covert bullying.

The point is that bullying needs to stop. No one should be afraid to walk the 'hallway of horror' where they're harassed every morning, at least.

I hope you enjoy my book. This is the first of a series of books addressing problems teenagers (and everyone else, for that matter) experience on a day-to-day basis.

Peace out,

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