Wednesday, October 5, 2011

'Get Me Out Of Africa' by Andie Alexander

New book!!! An adventure/mystery by Andie Alexander, it's the first of a series of a bunch of books I've already written.

Here's the blurb: An African business trip for Kes Madrid turns out to be a lot more exciting when she and her sexy-but-engaged boss fall into the Zambezi river after their raft tips over. Landing on the Zimbabwe side has Kes terrified. She wants to go home, but her boss has other plans, putting them smack-dab in the middle of a coup. The nation's rebels and the CIA are ready to take the country away from the dictatorial leader and give it to the people. In the meantime, Kes' life will be put on the line as the most wanted in the nation, which is definitely not on her 'bucket list.'

It was a really fun book to write. It's lighthearted and when you read it, think of me like Kes. I want to be JUST like her when I grow up. :)

It's a full-length story of about 91,527 words and 347 pages, priced low for readers to enjoy.
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