Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas comes early!

This is just the coolest story E-VER...and I'm not just blowing smoke.

This past week, I was talking to my buddy, Nancy O'Berry, about this site that wanted to collect a bunch of Christmas books. She tried to email, but the email bounced back and we took it as a sign that we weren't wanted. So I had this wild idea to start my OWN list, on a virtual Christmas bookshelf. The other site was nothing like this, and I could include ANYONE'S books, any genre, any heat or violence on the page. Granted, I wanted to get three Christmas books out before the end of the month that all needed editing, AND finish this YA I'm writing, also before Christmas. But hey...I think I'm getting ADD, so I shifted my attention to work on it, since I'd already done a bookshelf for the Spinning Wheel Amazon Forum.  I wanted it to be for everyone.  If you don't have a Kindle, don't despair...I've included the author website for other links to other ereader sales sites for their books.  Just click on their name and you'll go to the author page.  AND, if you don't have an ereader, you can always get a free Kindle to PC app or Nook to PC app from the selling websites (on the right-hand side on the Amazon page).

Now I'm getting a BUNCH of feedback about the bookshelf (click on the picture above to see the bookshelf page). I have met the most AMAZING people, sending me their books for the site. They're all WONDERFUL, the type of people you feel like you've been friends with for years, but just met. I can't thank them enough for introducing themselves. And besides that, I'm hearing that ever since their book's been on the 'shelf' their Amazon sales numbers have gotten better. The buzz is on yahoo groups, forums, the kindleboards, and emails, saying how cool this is. They're tweeting, facebooking, etc., to get the word out that here's where you need to do some Christmas shopping!

FANTASTIC!!! So I may have done something right and fun for once? If you're an author or a reader, feel free to visit that page. Send me your Christmas books...I'll take anything as long as the word 'Christmas' is in it and it's set at Christmastime.

Thank you, thank you, thank you all for sending me your fantastic books! I now have a Christmas list online for my husband. LOL!!!


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