Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Howdy do, Wednesday!

Since I have the coupons on Markee's Place blog until November 5, I thought I'd blog here. If you've been missing me, I'm alive and well, still writing as four (well, five, but one's currently inactive) different people, all bloggers here. LOL! YIKES! That means I must have a split personality disorder or something. HA! I try to make all my pen names have different personalities, but know they're all just me.

My middle kid went to the state capital today, for her political science class. Because of that, she wiped out all my cash in my purse, so she could get into some museum and eat lunch. Therefore, after dropping her and our youngest off at school (our oldest is in college, far, far away from here), I stopped at the bank's ATM. I had this weird feeling someone was watching me, just waiting for a criminal to try to steal my card as I put it into the ATM in the lit part outside the bank. It was strange, and I'd never had that feeling before. Have you? No one approached me and the sidewalks and streets were pretty empty (it was before seven this morning).

After that, I went to the gas station. The pumps had just gotten new software, so using a credit card at the pump was difficult, at best. I had to go inside to pay. Heaven forbid!

That's when I decided that today should have the motto, 'Take no prisoners,' in honor of the gas station that just bugged me.

Have you ever had a day that started out like this, where you just KNEW it was going to suck? If so, welcome to my world.

Off to goal is to get four books out by Christmas, for the new Kindle Fire release this month. Should be fun, and each of my pen names should have a new book out by Christmas. I hope you enjoy them!


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