Friday, November 4, 2011

Life just hands us plots...

I don't know why these things happen to me, but some of my friends think there's some cosmic force out there, directing all crazies my way.

Yesterday was proof of this force. I drove my two younger kids to school (the older kid is in college, far, far three or so hours away). We were on time for our youngest's 7:00 class. If you've ever been up north, like in the tundra of Wisconsin (LOL...we have grass to mow, STILL), you know it gets dark really early in the fall/winter, especially when it's almost time to turn clocks back (this Sunday, by the way). So it was dark, and we're traveling to school.

There's a man a few blocks from here who is from a foreign country (I only mention that because I think he never really learned how to drive). He doesn't know how to read the word 'STOP,' I think, because he NEVER stops at stopsigns. I've witnessed this on numerous occasions when traveling to school before 7 to take my daughters to school. But yesterday, he was a minute earlier than normal. I passed his street, at the intersection he usually blows off, at the time he had to stop. He inched into the intersection when my car was right in front of him, so I honked, as to not be killed.

The guy took this on as his personal mission, to harass me. He tailgated me to school (another few blocks) and almost hit me in the school parking lot (no kidding...our youngest screamed thinking we'd die going fifteen or less mph). After that, I figured I'd take a different way home, not near this guy's house. But he was on a mission. He stalked me to the road near our house, right on my tail. When I had to take a street that leads to our street, he put on his left turn signal, as well. I was a victim, being stalked. I figured I'd just drive to a grocery store and call the cops, I was that scared. I watched him in my rearview mirror after I made the left turn onto the street, when I saw someone pass him on the right, back on that street. Crazy driver guy decided to go straight and cut that guy off, thus I heard a honking sound.

I was scared. I ran to my house, hid in the garage, and locked all the doors. Fortunately, the guy didn't see my face, since it was so dark outside. I emailed my husband at work and all my friends, telling them if they read about my obituary in the paper, this guy did it. Most of them told me to call the cops, but it would be crazy guy's word against mine.

A good friend of mine told me I should direct the guy to Starbucks, to meet this other crazy lady who wished me a 'Happy Fish Fry Friday.' HUH???? But that's another whole plot.

I could see crazy driver guy in a thriller plot. I know it's been done before, but what if the road rage made him bomb my house? Or what if he went after my daughters at school (someone told me to alert the school just in case)? Or what if he's really a serial killer, and I'd just become his new target because I honked so I wouldn't die? OR what if he's already in cahoots with fish fry Friday lady?

So, you see, plots are all around us. You just have to realize it or get out to find them. As for me, I'm hiding out until crazy driver guy finds a new victim...and I'll be at Starbucks, incognito, today, to see if he shows up to see fish fry Friday lady.


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