Friday, December 30, 2011

Chance to win a gift certificate, and GET A FREE BOOK!!!

Go on over to Sandy's Spotlight and leave a comment! You can win an Amazon gift certificate. Also, on that page, pick up a free copy of Cameo Appearance. Here's the blurb:

While being blackmailed by her ex-boyfriend who wants to turn her in as the witness to a murder some five years before, Cameo Dreyden has done her best to put the incident behind her. When she finds out the creep is going public anyway, Cameo has no choice but to disappear to places unknown, with a Prince who wants to make her his bride.

The South Pacific is as far away from the Unites States as she can find. Prince Reginald of Charmania whisks Cameo off her feet with a gentle but electrifying kiss, while battling demons of his own. The island nation needs a stable monarchy, because the threat of a takeover to get the newly discovered riches is imminent. Under the island's rules, since the king's ill, Prince Reginald has to marry to save his country, and Cameo's been chosen as future queen.

Surrounded in this idealistic fairy tale setting with castles, frolicking dolphins and the promise of a life of luxury in exchange for her hand in marriage, Cameo couldn't possibly turn it down. However, she's torn between staying to save the monarchy and fleeing to save her life while sacrificing her heart.

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  1. Cameo Appearance is a fantastic book! Stop by Sandy's Spotlight and you can see my review!