Monday, December 12, 2011

WOW! I received an award!!!

I'd like to thank Sandy Wolters at Sandy's Spotlight for giving me this award. This is so sweet! Thank you, Sandy!

I was asked to tell seven things about myself:

1) I write as five different people.
2) I'm a mom and a wife with three teenagers, one in college; and two pets right now (a lionhead rabbit and a border collie).
3) I'd addicted to my Kindle, even taking it with me to church.
4) I live in the Green Bay area (GO PACK GO!!!)
5) I HATE HATE HATE snow and ice (I contradicts #4) and would rather live in TX or anywhere south of Chicago.
6) I hang out on the Spinning Wheel
7) One more...hmmm...I'm old? I dye my hair? Let's see...Oh, I know! I'm a curmudgeon! LOL!

I'm passing this award on to five more blogs that are fun:

1) Romancing the Blog hosted by Nancy O'Berry.
2) A Moose Walked Into a Bar hosted by Barbara Silkstone, L.C. Evans, and Karen Cantwell.
3) The Top Shelf hosted by Misty Rayburn.
4) Diane Craver's Blog hosted by Diane Craver.
5) Rebecca J. Vickery, Author and Indie-Publisher hosted by Rebecca Vickery.

Thank you all for having wonderful blogs!



  1. Markee,
    Thank you. This is lovely. What a great award. We shall pass it on. Since I'll skin some time off to make my notes and wait for my team Moosettes to join me. Barbara Silkstone
    Seven things about ... goodness.
    1. I live on buttered popcorn.
    2. I drink my champagne through a twisty straw.
    3. I love writing Romantic Comedy Mysteries.
    4. I'm waiting for either John Cleese and Johnny Depp to proposition me.
    5. I live in South Florida.
    6. I would gladly move to the Scottish Highlands.
    7. I love practical jokes.

  2. Thanks Markee for the award! I appreciate it! Will let you know what it's posted!

  3. Very cool, both Barbara and Diane! You're both such nice people with cool blogs, you both needed to be honored. :)

  4. Markee,

    I can't wait to check the blogs you awarded! GO CLAY GO!!!!! Oops. I mean, GO PACK GO!!!! LOL

  5. LOL, Sandy! If and when I find Clay Matthews, I'm sending him to you, all wrapped in a bow, so you can put him on the cover of your romances. Go ahead and drool. LOLOL!!!