Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Fun: Latte art

Wow...have you ever seen latte art? Take a look at this link's artwork:

Here's a demonstration of how they do it:

Now if I were given a cup with art like that in it, I don't know if I could drink it. AND if I had my choice of what the art would be, I'd want it to be a steaming cup of coffee in the top of the latte.

I know there are competitions about latte art. Here's one:

Oh cool is this? I could write a book about this as the basis for a plot, I think...a murder mystery. Someone could die in a giant cup of latte art at a competition. And the killer would be...the judge who was just TIRED of drinking the lattes to see if they even tasted good. LOL! OR a customer who was tired of waiting for the barista artist to do all that work, when he just wanted a cup of coffee after a long night shift.

Yeah. My brain's weird. LOL!


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