Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday Wisdom: Creating/Formatting ebooks

 You've written a wonderful book and now you want to publish it. You look on various publishing sites, and even though most of them take a Microsoft Word document, you want the thing to look at professional as possible, maybe even seeing the finished .mobi or .epub book yourself.

Now what do you do? Some people I know hire companies to do this work for them. Others learn html and xhtml just to get their books perfect.

But there's another way. If you do a search on 'creating ebooks,' you'll see various products that will help you create an ebook.

I used to do the html for my ebooks, but found a product (a recommendation of a writer friend of mine) called Jutoh. It's at It has a few minor things that need to be addressed, but overall, I like the product. I needed the product to make a .epub so I could put my books on, thinking I'd only use it for that. However, once I started using it, I now use it for Smashwords, .epub, and .mobi books.

So if you're still paying a bunch of money to get your books formatted, think about looking up an application such as Jutoh. For about $40, you can format your own books, and save a bunch of money.


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