Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday Wisdom: Edit, Edit, Edit...

Because I'm trying to help you, as a writer, avoid the stupid mistakes I've made (and I've made PLENTY), I'm going to show you some of the errors I've made to make a point here.

  • On one sweet romance ('Touchdowns & Potions'), I made a HUGE mistake before it was published. I was in an RWA meeting where they requested secret (author not revealed) snippets to critique. I included the first part where Jenna was in Andy's home for the first time. She's a prude and doesn't sleep around. He wants to date her, and instead of clutching her blouse closed at the top, I wrote, 'she pulled her top up.' I MEANT to write clutched closed, but it now sounds like this sweet romance is all but sweet. The group laughed for at least a full minute, while I turned red and wanted to hide under the table.
  • In a recent release, 'Forever, Sweet Love,' Cheri was looking for a job. She talked to a potential employer, and the employer said, 'Don’t dress up and you don’t need to bring any clothes.' Um...wouldn't she be naked then? And this was a CHRISTIAN ROMANCE. It should've read, '...don't need to bring any EXTRA clothes.' Duh! I read that part to my husband and he laughed forever, I swear.
  • In my latest release, 'Kiss of Fashion,' a sweet romance, I wrote, 'She mouth fell open.' Yeah. Reminds me of those cat pictures 'can I haz cheeseburger' type of grammar.

So my point is this...don't just read over your next release once. Read it twice, at least. I read it on my computer, and then put it on the Kindle to see how it reads. I make even more changes, because for some reason, those errors seem to really jump out at me on the Kindle.

Have a great day!

New Book Out! 'Kiss of Fashion' by Markee Anderson

Blurb: When hypochondriac Megan Bell becomes the exclusive secretary to a handsome tyrant named Brendan Johnson at their upper end New York City fashion business, she finds out fast that he doesn't like her. Because he runs a tight ship, she keeps the fact that she has a night job as cab driver quiet. As time progresses and Brendan softens a bit, she falls for him. When Brendan finds out Meg has a second job and a killer cab burglar is loose, will he step up to the plate and save her?

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Book Out! 'Forever, Sweet Love' by Eryn Grace


*** NOTE: Based on Christian morals--Christian Romance ***

Pastry chef, Cheri Duncan, thinks her life ended when her fiancé was killed while in the Navy a year ago. While crying on the ferry on Puget Sound, she contemplates jumping overboard when an oral surgeon named Bryan Kirkwood approaches her. He lost his wife three years earlier on the same day and tells Cheri that she has to move on. Even though Cheri doesn't want to move on, Bryan teaches how to enjoy life, even though he's fighting his own battles with his mother while raising three young daughters. Cheri and Bryan both have an uphill climb, but faith and their growing love will help them succeed.

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Eryn Grace

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday Wisdom: Back Up That Data...TWICE!

 So what have I learned in the past week? If you think Geek Squad is going to take your laptop for TWO WEEKS, back up your data. TWICE.

Since my external hard drive is now corrupt and my laptop is in Kentucky, I've learned a lesson the hard way. Don't do as I did...back up your data twice, at least. And do it more than once in a while. I'd suggest backing it up every week at a certain time, and then taking that backup and backing it up again on another computer or another external hard drive.

Right now, I'm working on an old copy of an unpublished manuscript, which I had on my daughter's external hard drive. Granted, it was from 2010 and I'm sure things have changed on that document since then, but at least I'm not twiddling my thumbs. I really wish I'd have backed up my external hard drive more than once, so I'd have something more current to work on. I could start something new, but then I'd just have yet another partial manuscript to deal with later.

So take it from me...back up more than once. Save yourself the heartache that I'm now experiencing.

Oh, and I did get a call from Geek Squad yesterday, in Kentucky. They wanted more money to get my laptop out of hock (even though I already paid $84.95). It's like a ransom, if you ask me.


New Book: 'Kissing the Waves'

Since my computer's on the fritz at Geek Squad, I missed the Tuesday Teaser (I don't have my manuscripts). Thus, I'll announce my latest book, entitled 'Kissing the Waves.'

Blurb: Surfboard designer Kara O’Connor has to get her work to the boss, but the building is filled with enemy spies, or so she thinks. She dodges them, but soon realizes that the president of the United States and his son, Blake Maxwell, are meeting with her boss, ordering a new style of surfboard for the military. Ever since that fateful day, Kara’s life turns topsy-turvy with Blake trying to date her. Can she ignore the first lady’s accusations and let her love life rule?

To see the first chapter, go here:


Monday, March 5, 2012


Last week, after fixing the furnace and replacing our garage door, my 'a' key on my laptop started to stick.  I'd type and get aaaaaaaaaaaa across the screen.

So I took the thing to Geek Squad.  Since it's a laptop, they have to replace the entire keyboard.  That means I'd be without a laptop for 2 weeks.  Bummer.  But I'd backed up all my data/books/etc., on an external hard drive.

My husband has a desktop computer and a net book.  I was using the net book this past weekend (I use his desktop when he's not there, because it's easier to type on), and for some reason, my entire external hard drive was suddenly corrupted.  No data.  No books.  Nothing.  I didn't back it up TWICE.

Now, if you know anything about Geek Squad, you'd know they send their repairs to the closest main headquarters.  Ours is in Louisville, KY...and it was sent out just before the big tornadoes in that area.

Thus, I have little to do now.  I'm thinking of writing a new book.  But just realize...I feel like one arm is tied behind my back.  I don't even have my passwords.  As soon as I get them, I'm printing them out and copying that page, placing it in various places around the house.  Now just to remember where I put those papers.  UGH!

Have a great week.  I'm off to (gasp) clean the house unless I find something better to do.