Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday Wisdom: Back Up That Data...TWICE!

 So what have I learned in the past week? If you think Geek Squad is going to take your laptop for TWO WEEKS, back up your data. TWICE.

Since my external hard drive is now corrupt and my laptop is in Kentucky, I've learned a lesson the hard way. Don't do as I did...back up your data twice, at least. And do it more than once in a while. I'd suggest backing it up every week at a certain time, and then taking that backup and backing it up again on another computer or another external hard drive.

Right now, I'm working on an old copy of an unpublished manuscript, which I had on my daughter's external hard drive. Granted, it was from 2010 and I'm sure things have changed on that document since then, but at least I'm not twiddling my thumbs. I really wish I'd have backed up my external hard drive more than once, so I'd have something more current to work on. I could start something new, but then I'd just have yet another partial manuscript to deal with later.

So take it from me...back up more than once. Save yourself the heartache that I'm now experiencing.

Oh, and I did get a call from Geek Squad yesterday, in Kentucky. They wanted more money to get my laptop out of hock (even though I already paid $84.95). It's like a ransom, if you ask me.



  1. Why in the world is your laptop in Kentucky? Did it go on vacation without you?

  2. LOL! I think so! Actually, that's where they send computers to be fixed from up here. I think it's an external contractor for Geek Squad. Some guy from KY's fix-it shop called me on Tuesday and left a message for me to call our local place to authorize MORE money to replace the keyboard. So I called our local place and that guy was surprised I couldn't call KY directly, but they gave me no number. The local guy complained about the KY place. YIKES! Needless to say I authorized's all my work!