Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday Wisdom: Edit, Edit, Edit...

Because I'm trying to help you, as a writer, avoid the stupid mistakes I've made (and I've made PLENTY), I'm going to show you some of the errors I've made to make a point here.

  • On one sweet romance ('Touchdowns & Potions'), I made a HUGE mistake before it was published. I was in an RWA meeting where they requested secret (author not revealed) snippets to critique. I included the first part where Jenna was in Andy's home for the first time. She's a prude and doesn't sleep around. He wants to date her, and instead of clutching her blouse closed at the top, I wrote, 'she pulled her top up.' I MEANT to write clutched closed, but it now sounds like this sweet romance is all but sweet. The group laughed for at least a full minute, while I turned red and wanted to hide under the table.
  • In a recent release, 'Forever, Sweet Love,' Cheri was looking for a job. She talked to a potential employer, and the employer said, 'Don’t dress up and you don’t need to bring any clothes.' Um...wouldn't she be naked then? And this was a CHRISTIAN ROMANCE. It should've read, '...don't need to bring any EXTRA clothes.' Duh! I read that part to my husband and he laughed forever, I swear.
  • In my latest release, 'Kiss of Fashion,' a sweet romance, I wrote, 'She mouth fell open.' Yeah. Reminds me of those cat pictures 'can I haz cheeseburger' type of grammar.

So my point is this...don't just read over your next release once. Read it twice, at least. I read it on my computer, and then put it on the Kindle to see how it reads. I make even more changes, because for some reason, those errors seem to really jump out at me on the Kindle.

Have a great day!


  1. Great, great comments. I love reading stuff over on the kindle I can really tweak a manuscript this way.. Still I don't catch them all. Thanks for a great post Markee.

  2. So true Markee. There is always some silly little thing that will get through, regardless of how many times you edit your work. And I'm an editor as well as an author! That's cool of you to share your funny ones! I'll start to collect some of my howlers.
    And HOW do you find the time to write all your lovely books? I can't keep up with you! I promise I'll put reviews up when I've read each one.

  3. You're so sweet, Steph! I have a ton of old books on my computer, all unpubbed. I want them all out before writing much new stuff, so I can start to make money. Thus I don't have a lot of time to read, because I'm editing all the old stuff. LOL! I owe you a review or two, also...and I'm lax on a lot of things like that (including anything house related, like cleaning).

    We've had this discussion before about reading things on a Kindle. You're SO right about that!!! As an editor, I bet you use that thing a LOT more than I do, even! It's my right-hand, for sure. It helps me correct my howlers. LOL!

    Thank you so much for the comments! :) You're the best!