Monday, May 14, 2012

NEW BOOK! 'Do You Need a Doggie Bag?' by Andie Alexander


*** Book 3 in the Extreme Travel Series ***

To waylay Kes' fake PTSD, the CIA sends the group on a cruise to the west coast of Mexico. At a port, Kes and James buy a homeless boy a meal, endangering the entire cruise ship when the child's kidnappers want revenge. It's up to the team to keep all the passengers out of the hands of a slavery ring, while not tipping their hand that they're agents.

Book 1: 'Get Me Out of Africa'

Book 2: 'Voo Do Love Me!'

Book 3: 'Do You Need a Doggie Bag?'


Someone was in my apartment. I knew it before I unlocked my door at the end of a long day of work. I always locked the deadbolt, and from past experience, I'd learned to wedge a small toothpick near the bottom of the door.

But now, the toothpick was gone and the deadbolt wasn't locked.

I reached into my purse and removed my brand new gun. After easing back the bottom lock, I turned the doorknob, peeked inside, and entered the apartment, trying not to make any noise.

No one was in the main room of the huge apartment that contained my living room, dining room, and kitchen. Even though I saw no one, I kept my gun in front of me.

The toilet flushed in the bathroom, which was off the bedroom to my right. The culprit must be waiting for me, even though he or she was noisy. I removed my coat and threw it on the back of a dining room chair. No one came out of the bathroom, so I hid around the corner from the door to my bedroom and peeked around the doorjamb. It was definitely a man, because he started to hum.

With my gun at arm's length, I inched my way into my bedroom. A tall, blond-haired man left the bathroom. This was my chance to take the guy down.

I lifted the gun up to the side of his head. "Freeze!"

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