Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What a Game Changer! Microsoft invests in Nook/Digital books...

 I woke up this morning to hear that Microsoft will be pumping $605 million into Barnes & Noble's Nook and college business market.

See reference here: (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp is jumping into the fast-growing e-books market by investing $605 million over five years in Barnes & Noble Inc's Nook e-reader and college business, as it looks to unlock Amazon.com and Apple Inc's grip on the exploding tablet computer market. From the article, "Microsoft's initial investment of $300 million, which will give it a 17.6 percent stake in the newly created Barnes & Noble subsidiary, values the new unit at $1.7 billion. Over the next five years, Microsoft has committed to invest another $305 million."

So what does that mean?

According to smartmoney.com, (Are the E-Reader’s Days Numbered?), Microsoft will up the ante, by shifting digital books toward "computers, cellphones, and tablets – not just traditional e-readers."

But for us, the authors, it's a huge game changer. Knowing Microsoft, they have a tendency to rule the market. That means all of those books I didn't put onto Amazon's KDP Select and left on Pubit as well, gathering sales and sales numbers will finally pay off.

My sales on Amazon have slowed to almost a stand-still. I suspect Amazon's KDP Select is to blame, since I didn't jump on the band wagon, but chose to keep my books at other outlets, to still give books away to the troops. I'm now selling most of my books on Nook.

Time will tell if this investment pays off for the indie writer, but I certainly hope it does. If Microsoft helps develop anything for Barnes & Noble, I figure it can only help sales.

Cross your fingers, we're in for a roller coaster ride!

Smiles, Markee

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