Friday, August 31, 2012

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

I met Aaron my dreams!

OK...I'm not a groupie, and definitely not into younger men.  I'm happily married with three kids, ages 20 (a son in college), 18 (a redheaded daughter with spunk, starting college this fall), and almost 17 (a laid back brunette daughter in high school).  I want to put this disclaimer up front, so you know I'm not just drooling over Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers.  I'm old enough to be the guy's mother, for Pete's sake, dontcha know (that's a northern Midwestern thing...don't ask).

I live in the Green Bay area now (in a 'burb, across the street from the famous city) and live about five miles from Lambeau field, where the Packers play.  Their logos are everywhere, but it's rare to get a sighting of a player.  I've seen Donald Driver (at a restaurant with his family), and I THINK I saw Brett Favre when he was up here, driving a small pickup truck.  But I've never truly met any of the players.

However, I always told my kids if I ever met Aaron Rodgers, I'd give him a few tips on his love life, because he's not dating women who would be good for him but only good for his career.  They're not the type of women he'd want his kids to have as a mother.

So this morning I had this dream where I got to MEET Aaron Rodgers.  He was a great guy...amazing and very nice.  I's crazy, but it was my dream and who knows what can happen in those things.  And no, I wasn't star struck after initially meeting him at a cookout (yeah...weird dream) where he was cooking steaks.  We struck up a conversation and while I tried to learn to cook (I'm terrible at it), he was just flipping steaks with his buddies.  Very odd.

He came to my house with his friends, including Clay Matthews.  My writing friend, Sandy Wolters, just LOVES Clay, so in my dream, I gave him her email address so he could contact her.  Cracked me up that even in my dreams, I would think of something like that.  Aaron and his buddies sat down at our kitchen table while our dogs plied them with kisses and tail wags, and we discussed business.  Aaron decided I'd become his pet project, to get my marketing up and running so I actually made money, and he'd fix up my house (which has a LOT to be done to it) so he could hide out here.  In return, he wanted me to write a book centered around him.  I talked him out of it being nonfiction, and considering I write romantic fiction, basically, he'd have to settle for what I wrote.  I'd fix him up with a NICE girl in my book.

Then the dream progressed into the weird (like it wasn't already weird).  Aaron wanted to meet our redheaded daughter in college with her friends, for a photo op.  His younger brother wanted to meet our youngest daughter (his brother is the quarterback for the Vanderbilt Commodores, in TN).  And Aaron's female cousin wanted to meet our son, because she's quirky like he is (our son has Asperger's syndrome and is very bright...scary bright).  And no, I don't even know if he has a cousin, but it seems that in my dream world, everyone gets a happy ending.

It was just weird.  Aaron married our redheaded daughter, Jordan wanted to marry our other daughter, and the cousin had our son move to Texas to be happily married there.  I'm such a romance writer, even in my dreams.  So the book I was writing about his love life came true in my dreams.

Welcome to my head.  It's a scary place to be, even when I'm asleep.  But Aaron, if you read this, send me an email.  I'm always happy to have you meet my kids...or fix up my house...or have me write a book about you.  LOL!

Smiles and happy dreams,