Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Lists...

So what do you want for Christmas?  I asked my kids that every year, and this year, I was handed a few 'questionable' items for the list.

My son wants an island so he can be isolated from the weird kids at college, as well as a million bucks.  Good luck with that, I say.  LOL!

My middle kid has given me more than one list, and wants to buy presents for fifty of her closest friends at college (oh my!).  I told her to get a job.  LOL!

My youngest just wanted presents.  Cracked me up.  What's she going to open on Christmas morning?  She's seventeen...and knowing her, she'll be disappointed.

And my husband, a Doctor Who fan, wants lots of Doctor Who items.  Amazon, here I come!

Anyway, I was watching 'The Christmas List' the other day.  It's about this woman who writes out a Christmas list and puts it into a special mailbox in a department store for Christmas lists.  It's a magical mailbox, and every wish on the list is granted.

What if that were true?  What would you want for yourself?  Granted, we all want world peace, but for yourself, what would you wish for?  Post your wildest dreams for what you'd like for Christmas, the funnier the better.


  1. I'm simple for my list. A few more sales, my girls to come here for Christmas and a copy of Cold Days from Jim Butcher..