Sunday, December 30, 2012

Twas the day before New Year's Eve...

...and I wanted to wish everyone a Happy 2013!

In the meantime, I've been kind of off the grid, puppy-sitting our Boston terrier.  And might I stress TERRIER?  I finally sent my husband and two older kids to Petsmart to 'get dog food' with the puppy.  We could've lasted a few extra days without the dog food, but it gives me a break from the harassment.

Anyway, I finally got back to editing one of my mysteries, by Andie Alexander (another pen name of mine).  Now, my family has this hilarious (NOT) type of practical joke they play on me all the time.  When I'm editing and walk away from the document, they type things into the story that could never happen.  Sometimes I don't find the thing they typed until I go through the thing for the last time, and sometimes, I've written the stupid comment myself.

In this case, the main character is arguing with a reporter, telling him to get off her property.  What does he reply?  "I have to eat."  HUH?  Did I really type that or was it one of my jokester family members?  It doesn't fit the plot at all.

Has that ever happened to you?  Have you ever read something that just doesn't fit?  The next time that happens, consider that someone, somewhere, thought they were being funny.

Happy New Year, everyone!!!


  1. OH Lord yes,

    I can't listen to TV or I type the dialogue. I've even typed what I'm yelling at my kids to do. Somehow, pick up your dirty underware doesn't go with a passionate kiss. Sigh.. hang in there, Markee.

  2. LOL! I hear ya on that one. :) No, that doesn't do well, but's real life, right?

    I told my family what I'd typed and they all doubled over in laughter, the brats. LOL!

  3. How funny! I really like your family. LOL

  4. LOL, Sandy! You'd laugh if you lived with them. They're funny even when they're trying not to be. LOL!

    Thanks for the comment!