Monday, July 22, 2013

I'm not a hoarder...

When our middle child (the redhead with attitude) decided she couldn't get a job this summer, I told her to keep herself busy and clean our house.

I regret my words...sort of.

We've spent the entire summer so far, cleaning out and organizing our house...and did we ever have a lot of junk. Our daughter loves to organize, so she's in her glory. Me? I just hurt. I'm tired of filling our minivan FULL of junk to take to various dumps, compost piles (our other daughter loves to cut down trees and weeds), recycling places, and the library, Goodwill, and Salvation Army.

We've counted nine trips to the dumps thus far, and haven't even counted the other trips. Those trips involved taking out the back four seats of the minivan and stuffing things from floor to ceiling.

And no, I'm not a least I didn't think so. I consider myself a minimalist, liking blank walls, no clutter anywhere, and everything put away.

Is anyone else out there in the same situation? Is there a 'non-hoarder's anonymous'?  Does anyone else have a teenage redhead with attitude who wants a clean house?

At least my house will be clean before Friday. Her boyfriend's coming to visit for her birthday this weekend. But if we ever plan to move, the plastic boxes are all filled up and labeled, from basement to the second floor, including the garage.

I can't wait until they all go to college. 1.5 months to go!!!



  1. Markee,

    I NEED your daughter! LOL Every time I get a bag of garbage together, my husband says: What's in that? Me: Garbage Husband: (Playing with the top of the tied up bag) - Maybe I should just take a look


    I can't get rid of anything. He wants me to keep clothes that I had in high school. It's sweet that he can hold up a size 0 and think I still fit in it, but really?

    I've learned to sneak things out to the garbage when he's not here. LOL

  2. Oh man...he'd NEVER survive the 'redhead whirlwind of cleaning' in our house. If you haven't used it in three-five years, you never will...and she enforces that thought.

    She forces people to go through their stuff, with her beside them, cracking the whip. I've lifted old TVs, filled my car with tons of bags, and she's been right there the whole time, helping me. I've lost weight because of how she operates. I told her if the teaching gig doesn't turn out (she wants to be a high school history teacher), she should go into business organizing people's homes.

    And the most amazing part? She said she just LOVES doing this. What a glutton for punishment! LOL!