Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Christian Snippets...A Heart That's Just Right

Welcome to the Friday Christian Snippets!  Today, I'm giving you a small excerpt from my romance novel very loosely based on Goldilocks and the Three Bears from the 'Christian Romances based on Timeless Tales' collection.  It's called 'A Heart That's Just Right.'

Blurb:  Coco Goldy’s car slides on ice in the middle of a Colorado blizzard early in the morning. She finds herself at the doorstep of Jonathan Beare, who resides in the huge home with his elderly mother and father.  He thinks she’s the famous burglar-lady-in-black, but she’d never heard of the woman—she just likes to dress in black.  She’s stuck at the home, finding out that the man who takes her into his home is none other than the rich owner of Beare Candies.  Even though he has a goal of helping her realize her gifts from God, she wants to get away from him before he realizes she’s not the person he thinks she is.

And a short excerpt:


"What's your name?" the man asked.

"Coco Goldy." She lifted a lock of her hair and studied it, seeing the ice clinging to the strands. "It matches my golden hair—at least it's golden when it's dry. I've been nicknamed Goldilocks because of my hair and name."

"Goldilocks?" He laughed slightly and recited her name over the phone, returning his attention to her a moment later. "I'm Jonathan, or Jon, Beare and live here with my parents."

She couldn't believe her ears, a small chuckle escaping from her lips as she shivered. "So the three bears live here? Momma Bear and Daddy Bear…which makes you Baby Bear?"

"Sure, but if there's a real bear on this property, I'm running the other way." He grinned slightly, returned to the phone, and repeated the information on her whereabouts from two nights before. "Yes, officer. Thank you. I'm going to keep her here, because there's no way she can leave in this storm. If you need any more information, just call me." Jon nodded and laughed. "Yes, sir. You have a good night, too, sitting in your office watching the ice fall." He ended the call and opened the door. "I'm sorry, Miss Goldy. I need to apologize for my behavior. It's just that you're wearing all black and that's the Burglar Lady in Black's signature color. Come on in and be my guest."

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Happy Friday!  Bless you all!
Eryn Grace

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