Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Christian Snippets...'All The Better to Love You With'

It's Friday!  Time for a fun Christian romance to read for the weekend.

This one is loosely based on 'Little Red Riding Hood.'


When spoiled and rich Mandy 'Red Riding' Hood is pulled over for grand theft auto, she's sure she can get Sheriff Brad Wolfe to forget she's driving Granny Peach's convertible so she can visit Granny Hood. But he won't relent and puts her in jail. Once her parents get to town, they kick her out of their lives. She has to actually work and live like the average person, learning that forgiveness is a tough lesson to learn.



"Put your hands up!"

Was that a bullhorn? The cop's voice coming from behind Mandy Hood's car was extremely loud.

Why would he have followed her into her grandmother's driveway? And why did he have to yell, given she was parked? He could've just walked up and used his regular voice. Besides, it was a gorgeous April day, so shouldn't he be checking out the local donut shop or something?

She had to see what this guy looked like, so she glanced into the rearview mirror while flipping her long hair out of her eyes. The officer's car with the lights going sat behind the little red convertible she drove. Both of the cop's doors hung open with guns pointed toward her, peeking out between the car's body and the open door.

Guns. Seriously?

"I did nothing wrong," she yelled. "You made me speed and I couldn't pull over after I saw your lights and heard your siren. Those things are loud, as is your bullhorn. I should sue you for breaking my eardrums."

Always turn it around and blame someone else. That was Mandy's motto. It had worked in the past, so why not try it again.

Her cell phone rang. She leaned down and grabbed it from between the seats, checking the caller identification. A smile lifted her lips as she pressed talk and put it to her ear. "Oscar. You missed me, didn't you?" Her social life came first, not caring about the cops behind her. They certainly could wait.

"Absolutely, Babe," Oscar said. "Where are you? We're supposed to go out in an hour. You're not home and I need to know what to wear."

She glanced into the rearview mirror once more. "I don't think I'll be able to meet you tonight."

"What? We have a date."

"Hang up the phone and drop your keys on the ground," the bullhorn bellowed. "Get out of the car with your hands up. This is your last warning."

"What was that?" Oscar asked.

Mandy cleared her throat, her eyes darting to the rearview mirror once more. "Oh, I'm bringing Granny Hood a birthday present."

"Granny Hood? She lives west of Austin. You're there?"

"Yeah. I forgot to tell you I was coming out here. Granny's turning 72 today and I thought it would be nice to visit her. Lookie…gotta run. Some cop thinks I'm cute or something. I'll put him in his place. Now, for tonight, wear that cool blue polo shirt and those new jeans you just bought. You'll look great. Then find someone else to date. You have my permission."

"I do?" He sounded like a kid in a candy store. "Thank you, Red."

Red Riding Hood was her nickname, from her last name of Hood and her red hair.

"Tootles." She ended the call, watching the action in the rearview mirror. She put down her phone and unbuckled her seatbelt. Once she opened her door, she dropped the keys on the concrete driveway, raised her hands, and stood up, facing the cops. "What's going on?"

"Turn around!" the same male voice yelled, not using the bullhorn. He had a smooth southern accent, deep but sincere. She wondered if he was as handsome as his voice, suddenly knowing how she could get out of any ticket. She just had to flirt with this guy, once he came out from behind that door, and could get him to reconsider pulling in behind her…well, her other grandmother's car. Granny Peach lived near her parents' home in Dallas, while Granny Hood lived in this backward town of Angel Springs, west of Austin.

"I said, turn around!" the cop yelled. "Are ya deaf?"

Arrogance. She didn't like that one bit, handsome or not.

Her hands flew to her hips as she whipped her hair back from her face. "I'm not deaf. I'm thinking. Why would I turn around? Are y'all going to shoot me in the back or something? I'd rather be shot in the front so I can see it coming."

A chuckle.

They were definitely two men. But they were laughing at her?


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