Friday, August 2, 2013

Wait...I AM a hoarder??? Lies! LOL!

So I've decided that I'm not a physical hoarder...but I am an email hoarder. Emails have become my friends, and after receiving over 100 an hour for a few years now, I've weeded out flyers, emails asking for money for causes, and even some groups that send a ton of emails.

I realized that I had a 'problem' and was spending too much time on emails when I checked my husband's emails for news from our puppy breeder. He'd get like six emails. A day. I get many more than that, and just chalked it up to having more friends than he had. But when I really looked at my emails, I was spending hours a day just going through emails, getting pulled away from whatever I was doing every few minutes. That might be why I think I've developed A.D.D. I can't concentrate on anything without having something else interfere.

So I cleaned out emails. It took over a week to make sure they'd stop sending, sometimes having to unsubscribe myself more than once. I'm now finding myself with more time, and less frustration.

If you're feeling like I felt, check your emails. If you still want to get them, have them go to folders (if your email account allows you) and only check that folder a few times a day. You'll feel free!



  1. I'm spending way too much on emails. It's time-consuming - glad you took care of your email overload. :)

  2. Thank you, Diane. The first step to 'recovery' is acknowledging the problem, in my case. LOL! It IS time consuming! But now that the problem's taken care of, I have more time for other time-wasters. LOL!