Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cool game to play!!!

Come on over to the newly designed website and see what's new!  And yes, those pictures at the top of the website pages are from our trip to New Mexico at the beginning of this month.  We saw the Balloon Fiesta...simply amazing.

This blog as an RSS feed, the latest book published, and a great welcome are all featured.  If you look at the welcome section, you'll see a small note about a game.  It's a wonderful game (Dancing with Shadows).  I'm trying to figure out where to put it to be more prominent, yet fit with the feel of the new site.  So right now, it's a small comment and also shown on the links page.

Here's the direct link to the game:  See if you can figure out how to navigate through this thing (after the ad).  I promise your mind will be challenged!

Take care,
SweetTale Books

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