Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Website Updates

So last week, Smashwords put out an announcement that Sony is getting out of the ereader business. (Here at Feb 6, 2014: Even though they'll be in business until March 20, I figured I might as well take the links off my websites (I do all my own websites).

I have quite a few websites:

SweetTale Books:
Markee Anderson:
Andie Alexander:
Eryn Grace:
Kyra Myles:
Paige Ryter (currently inactive):

While working on the removal of those links, I decided that two of my websites needed a facelift.  Eryn Grace's and Andie Alexander's websites were both too dark.  So I lightened them up a bit, or changed things around.

I might change these again, in the near future, but for now, they're different.  Take a look and see if you like them.  I'm a real fan of lighthouses, so Eryn's fits me.  And for Andie, I figured a serene peaceful website is very different from murdering people in books.  LOL!

Have a wonderful week!  I'm writing like crazy right now, so I'm posting less.

SweetTale Books

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