Monday, April 28, 2014

How to Get Fans Without Even Trying (or Knowing You Did It)

Your mission, should you accept it, is to retry social media.  I did and am getting new fans every day.

So I've been posting things on Twitter and Facebook, so my pen names get recognition while I'm writing the next books (yes, plural).  If you look at any of my active Twitter and Facebook pages, you'll see that I'm putting out pictures with my own quotes on them, like this from yesterday's Andie Alexander page.

I didn't think they were that impressive, but it kept my name out there.  Turns out, people seem to like these pictures, especially if they're pretty or thought provoking.

I also put out quotes that I thought related to the genre.  Love and romance for Markee; mystery, revenge, and crime for Andie; Christian things for Eryn; and 'anything goes' for SweetTale Books (I'm not focusing on Paige Ryter or Kyra Myles for pen names right now, but will get back to them eventually).  I also found retweetable funny things to post, to fill up more space during the day.  I thought all these things were just being ignored.

Turns out, I just had to put the hashtags with a few things, and quote the 'right' people.  I seemed to have stepped into more than one fan club for a few of these 'right' people and am getting retweets and likes on quite a few of my pictures with sayings, funny things, and especially the fan club 'right' people quotes.  I'm also growing my fanbase, slowly, but growing.  Now to just get those same people interested in my books would be outstanding.

So if you think that social media marketing doesn't work, think again.  Go against the expert advice and see for yourself.  I post about three times a day, and used to do more, but it didn't seem to pay off.  Put your most impressive posts closer to dinnertime or early evening for the East Coast, or at least I found that to help.  That's when I put my pictures with sayings out.

Good luck.  This post will self-destruct in 10...9...

Have a great day!
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