Thursday, May 1, 2014

Newsletter--May Flowers!

Welcome May!

When my mom was young, they used to run around the maypole every May 1 (May Day).  I never knew what it was about, but after reading Wikipedia (I know...teachers don't allow that to be accepted as fact, but I find it more real than some websites), it makes me wonder what they were teaching kids back in my mom's era (she was born in 1931).  Between the paganism and the phallic symbolism, I want to call my mom and find out if she's emotionally scarred. LOL!

Regardless, we have a ton of traditions in the summertime, and yes, summer's coming.  I can't wait.  I love all the summer foods, the farmer's markets, and the celebrations.  The flowers and weather in this area (Green Bay, WI) are fantastic!  We rarely get into the 90s and mostly are in the 70s.  We let our dogs run in and out of the house with our door open (and a Magic Mesh covering the door) all day long.  They love it.  We love it.  It certainly makes up for the winters.

However, the locals don't want this summer stuff up here in Wisconsin to catch on with the rest of the nation, so it's a secret.  When people ask, "What do you do in the summers up there in the 'tundra,'" the locals say, "Well, during that weekend in July, we usually grill out."  I think they're hiding the fact that the rest of the summer is GORGEOUS.

Free Book!!

I'd like to welcome any new newsletter readers by offering a FREE book from Smashwords from one of the authors on SweetTale Books.

This is one of Markee's books, entitled, 'All for Aaron.'  Here's the description:

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Have a wonderful May!!!!

To leave you with a smile for this month, here's a picture of our Boston terrier, Hobbes, as he likes to go to sleep at night.  (Calvin, another Boston terrier, is his older brother.)  Hobbes won't let go of this ball, no matter what.  We have to pry it from his mouth so he can sleep peacefully.  And yes, we have more than one of these balls, but he loves the dirtiest one.
Have a super month!
SweetTale Books

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