Friday, May 23, 2014

The World, It Is a-Changin'

With thanks to Bob Dylan's song, 'The Times They Are a Changin' (here: from WAY back in 1964, the world now seems to be changing a lot faster than when I was a kid.

Not only do we now have flat-screened televisions and e-readers, you can now type on tiny keyboards on iPhones and communicate via text, email, and Facebook.  I know...this isn't earth shattering, but when you think how far we've come, even since just the early 90s, it boggles the mind.

We just got a Galaxy Tab 3 with our latest Sprint changeover for our phones.  My daughter's laptop had broken (again) so I sent the Tab to her, thinking it could at least help her get emails at college.  They have laptops, etc., that you can rent from the library, but the last time she rented an iPad, she forgot to return it.  The next day, they had a bill ready for her for $300.  I couldn't believe it.  She complained and they dropped it to $20. So the Tab was a lot cheaper than any fine for that iPad.

She called me a little bit after she got the Tab and said she wanted to get a keyboard for it.  I didn't even know they HAD bluetooth keyboards.  As it turns out, they not only have keyboards but a bluetooth mouse to go with tablets.  I'm so old.  I had no idea and am behind in the latest technology.

So now, I want to get a keyboard for my Nook HD so I can take it on trips, instead of a full-sized laptop.  And to think, back when I was a kid, I had paper and a pencil to entertain me on trips.  Now I can carry a whole computer in my purse and be connected to the world or work on my books fast.  I don't have a smartphone but could use those too.

The world's a changin'.  I wonder what's next?

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