Friday, May 9, 2014

What kind of writer are you?

Imagine the above picture, with me standing in-between.  Both dogs have leather leashes attached to harnesses.  Calvin (in the background) is pulling hard, trying to get ahead.  Hobbes (foreground) is lagging behind, enjoying every scent and leaf he comes across.  That's how I give our dogs walks every day, with my arms and hands pulled in two different directions.  No matter what, I have to cater to one or the other, until they walk together.

They remind me of readers (below).  Calvin (on the left) is interested in the next page, not willing to take his time to savor the words or even read them all.  Hobbes (on the right) not only wants to know what's on the page, but under it, around it, and probably through it, knowing him.

Given the different types of readers, what kind of writer are you?  Do you give little detail and want the pacing to go fast for the current market (that's what the rumor is), or do you give the reader lots of details, the setting, and really set the scene?  Do you describe every detail for Hobbes-types, or do you cater to the Calvin's of the world?  Or, are you the type who tries to satisfy everyone and include some scenery and detail along the way?

I have to admit, I write for Calvin on my first draft, or I'll forget the plot, myself.  But then I try to slow it down, so the Hobbes of the world will savor the story.


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