Friday, June 20, 2014

Another Paperback Available!!!

YAY!  I finally put out 'A Heapin' Helping of Three Cross Faith' in paperback through Createspace!  I even changed out the cover!  WAHOO!

Here are the front and the back covers:

It's available here:

It's not out at the other sites yet, but will be eventually.

So come on and read a fun book about a Christian rock (praise) band from Texas.  It's the first of the series and just fun!

Here's the blurb:


Niki Daniels is hurt when a taxi hits her from behind. Little does she know, the customer is none other than her new client, Austin Cole. He's a Christian praise singer, and she's just been named his manager. 

Austin demands that his colleagues are Christian, so Niki makes a point to hide the fact that God abandoned her years ago, and she's turned away from Him. 

Austin used to be a neurosurgeon, but gave it up when his wife was killed. He is now a rancher in a tiny town south of Midland, Texas, where he lives with his young daughter. His goal is to change lives and turn souls toward God with his music. 

Since Niki is his client and patient, he negotiates bringing her to his home, questioning her lack of faith and secret past.


Markee (writing as Eryn)

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