Friday, June 6, 2014

How To Raise Your Novel

I just saw a trailer for 'How to Train Your Dragon 2' and it reminded me that your book is your baby.  You've spent weeks, months, and/or years writing the thing.  Then you edited, re-read for plot holes, had other people read it, had a book cover created, and finally created a final product (this happens whether you're an indie writer or a traditionally published writer).

So it comes to the release.  You have butterflies in your stomach, hoping you didn't miss something stupid, and have the world make fun of your book.  It goes out, you market the thing, and finally, you get your first review.  Your baby has been born and validated.

What happens next?  If you don't keep building sales and market, or have a new book coming out, your baby becomes 'average' or goes away in people's minds.

Yikes!  Your baby is no longer the genius you were sure it was.  It can't run a minute mile, and it isn't at the top of the class in any way.  You're stuck.

Some people are really great at marketing, able to take anything and convince the customer they HAVE to have the book.  Others hope and pray that another book will give that first book a boost.  And, if it's a series book, it should do just that.

Here's what I suggest to send your baby on its way to making lots of sales.  MARKET the thing like there's no tomorrow.  It IS the next best thing to come along.  Contact anyone who could help you get places or give you a great review for that book.  Build a following of fans through a newsletter, a Yahoo group, or even though social networking.  You're making your baby become independent this way, selling books through word of mouth.

For all you wannabe writers out there who think they can do better, beware.  It's not as easy as you think to raise a novel.  And to all you trolls, think before you bash.  These writers have taken a chance, putting their babies out there in raw emotion, because it's scary to publish a book.

Good luck!

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