Friday, June 13, 2014

New Cover Designer!!!

There's a new 'business' in town called  It's your creative friend, or 'create ally' for book covers, for starters.

This place is GREAT!  They did covers for me--lots of covers (check out their sold covers page: over the years.  I know the owner is a college student, trying to make it in a type of graphic design major.  She has years of Photoshop experience, with college coursework in the field.  This fall, she's taking a course on professional ways to take photographs, and will be using an expensive camera to learn how to do this.  So she'll have original pictures for the covers, eventually.  YAY!  That would be fantastic!  No longer do you have to worry that someone else will take the same pictures that you licensed from an online site, because these are originals.

Check out  Professional, classy, and creative is what they strive to be!

Have a great week!
Markee at SweetTale Books

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