Friday, July 11, 2014

DRM Not Necessary

A friend of mine shared some information with me last week.  For years, I've been publishing e-books but never add on the DRM.

**  Note:  DRM is 'digital rights management' so a reader can't steal your work.  It's a method to make sure you can't copy the e-book, an extra security measure.

I was told by another friend of mine, when I first started publishing books that DRM will add storage space to a book.  Readers don't like their space sucked up by one book, but would rather have more than one book on their Kindle or Nook.  So I didn't include it.

Now I'm finding out more and I'm SO happy I didn't include it.  Here's why:

And there are more reasons, too, listed all over the Internet.

So when you think you're protecting yourself, you may be hurting sales by including DRM.

Have a great week!

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