Friday, August 1, 2014

August Newsletter

It's August, already?

We're getting ready for back-to-school stuff (well, college) and waiting for our apple trees to give us red apples.  LOL!  They're green right now, but before long, we're going to have a bunch of honeycrisp apples to eat and make into delicious desserts.  I can hardly wait!

As for college, my two youngest kids go back on August 18 (she has a job on campus before school starts) and August 31.  After that, we hunker down for the fall and winter, because in Wisconsin, you never know when the first snow will hit.

It's also getting to be time for the first football games of the season.  I love watching the Packers, because for home games, the jets from before the kickoff go right over our house.  LOL!  Everything turns green and gold/yellow at that time of year and all you hear about on the news is how the Packers are going to win this season.  (If you'd like a romance including a football hero, check out Touchdowns & Potions--the first chapter is here.)

Yep.  Fall is fun and August is just a prequel to football, school, and leaves to rake (or mow, like I do it!  LOL!)

Have a happy and safe August!
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Who knew?

Remember back last month (here:  when I told you about my mother wondering how the author of my first paperback book knew her recipe for raspberry upside down cake?  (the recipe is here: if you'd like to try it).

Well my mom's brother died this month.  It was a tough one to handle.  He'd had Parkinson's disease for years and was in a semi-coma for the last few weeks, refusing to eat. His wife, Genny, was beside herself with stress, because she'd been his caregiver during his bout with Parkinson's.

Genny is a wonderful person, always giving and giving and never wanting to take anything from anyone.  She has strong faith and is just a neat person, overall.  But I hadn't talked to her in years and couldn't get home to PA for the funeral.  My mother (bless her) MADE me call Genny a few days after the funeral.  Now, if you know me, I'm a basic curmudgeon.  I like being alone and am an introvert (believe it or not).  I felt so awkward calling Genny, so imagine how relieved I was that no one picked up the phone.  But I didn't leave a message and felt guilty.  I called my mom back (she's in PA, too) and said I called, but no answer.  So I was going to call back and leave a message.  Mom said, "go ahead.  Just make it brief because Genny is exhausted and won't want to talk."  Fine.  I called the second time.  She answered.  I panicked!  How do you handle that type of emotion when you don't deal with it on a daily basis?

Turns out, Genny really wanted to talk about old times.  She talked a bit about the funeral, but told me more in the half hour (yes, half hour) that we talked than I think she'd ever told me at our family functions.  She's a GREAT person to talk to, too!  I truly appreciated our chat!

And, she loves to read.  Who knew?  She said, "I hear you're an author."  And that started another whole conversation.  I agreed to send her my two paperback books I have out and any more that I put out.  She likes Christian books, so it worked out great, because that's all I had in paperback.  LOL!

So Genny, your books are on the way as soon as I get them from CreateSpace.  LOL!  And no, she doesn't use a computer, so paperback is the way to go for her.  But it also means I have to put out more paperbacks for people like Genny and my mom.  It made my whole day!  :)

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Have a wonderful month!
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