Sunday, August 31, 2014


Welcome September.  Back to School!

Our two younger kids are back at college, and I thought I'd have a quiet time after they returned. Guess again.  I keep getting calls from both of them, multiple times a day.  But I'm able to work now, which is incredible.  I'm one of those moms who dance when school starts.  Yes, I love my children, but it's time for them to get their education and go back to college.  LOL!

I hope all is well in your neck of the woods.  Take care and have a wonderful fall season!

Have a happy and safe September!
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Need a new book to read?

I'd like to offer a free book from Smashwords for this month.  Go to and enter coupon code YB97C at the checkout to get this book, free.  This coupon is only good until 9/7/2014, so hurry and get your copy.

(Note:  To put the book on your Kindle or Nook, go to this page:


** Cupid Romance Series **

When lawyer Merry Woods meets the man who is literally in her dreams, Detective Alex McKay, she realizes her current fiancé isn't someone she wants to marry. But to date Alex means they can't talk about work, since some things have to stay confidential. However, other people keep trying to date both of them, pulling them apart at every turn.

Two cupids are on the job to guarantee Merry and Alex make it in their relationship, even though other cupids also have both of their client names on their contracts for other mates. Can they get Alex and Merry together against the odds, and prove the couple is truly the magical 'Couple for the Ages'?
Click here for an excerpt.

Have a wonderful month!
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