Friday, August 1, 2014

Yahoo Groups vs. Facebook

I remember back before Facebook (yeah, I'm that old) when yahoo groups were all the rage. If you were an author, you'd belong to lots of them, to get exposure.  They were fun and you'd get to know people pretty well on there.  We were, after all, a little group with something in common.

Now, with Facebook, it's really easy to become anonymous again.  If you don't join groups (and there aren't many out there with one thing in common, like it was with yahoo groups), then you have your little group of friends and hear about all their aches and pains, all their stories of greatness, and even what they had for dinner.  I'm not knocking what people post, because most of the time, I'm glued to FB, riveted by what some people will post.

On yahoo groups, you have to stick to the topic at hand.  Every email you send is transmitted to everyone in the group and they are a captive audience.  If you disobey the rules, you're out of the group.  Not so on Facebook.  Those people can and still will be around, showing up in places you never thought possible (like a fan on a fan page).

I miss the good old days of yahoo groups.  I know they're still out there and I do belong to a few, still, but given how much time I devote to other social media, I don't have much time left for yahoo groups.

So if you're nostalgic like me, join a yahoo group.  I just did.  LOL!

Have a great week!

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