Friday, September 5, 2014

A Character Reunion

Dear Characters,

I've missed you so much.  You fill my mind with your antics, and I can't wait to visit with you again.  I'm so sorry I've been busy with life, but sometimes, fantasies have to be put on hold to deal with the problems of today.  Now that my kids have gone back to college and will only encompass an hour or two of my time daily, (and yes, I'm being honest), and our two Boston terriers (Calvin and Hobbes) are older and don't whine QUITE as much, I can now get back to your stories.  You've told me your plight over and over again in my mind over the past few months, so I know your story backward and forward.  However, when I put my fingers to the keyboard, sometimes, your stories take a twist into the unknown.  Don't'll be fine in the end and will more than likely find the love of your dreams.

I'm so ready for a character reunion, it's ridiculous.  I dream about many of them, more than what's just out there and published.  My head's full of the characters' quips and comments for everything I do.

And yes.  I am a writer.  I don't consider myself an 'author' because I feel closer to my characters than someone who makes their profession as an author.  I am my characters' best friend and feel badly when I have to finish their stories, and they can go off on their own, into a world of bliss and romance.

So characters, I'm back.  My last kid went back to college on Sunday morning.  I'm now free to write again.  We're going to have a character/family reunion in my head this weekend.  Remind me who you are and your story that's begging to be told, once again.

Thanks for listening,

***  Note to readers...I'm not crazy, I just wanted you to know what I miss the most--writing about the people in my head.  LOL!

Have a super week!

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