Friday, September 12, 2014

Pet Peeve

When we were kids, we all misspelled things.  There was no such thing as a spell checker.  If you wanted to check how to spell something, you opened the dictionary and figured it out.

So why, these days, don't people know how to spell?  I get emails from people with amazing misspellings that you wouldn't believe.  I'm not talking about the minor misspellings, but biggies. For example, someone wrote to me that something was bizarre, as in out of the ordinary.  But it wasn't 'bizarre,' it was 'bazaar.'  That spelling is a type of fair, not something out of the ordinary.  I figured, since she was a teacher, she'd just typed it wrong.  But she's written that phrase to me many times, she really thinks that's the word for 'out of the ordinary.'  I'm not about to correct her, because she's the type to get upset with me.

I worry about my own grammar and misspellings, as well.  I'm not perfect and I know I've written a few things that aren't spelled right.  I play a free game of scrabble in my free time, just to learn how to spell and to learn new words.  It's amazing what one can do with so few letters and/or spaces available.

I guess my pet peeve is more my problem than anyone else's.  I should just let it go, but like my daughter, who loves to edits others' emails, papers, and books without anyone asking, it's something I have a hard time letting go.

How about you?  Does it bug you when someone makes mistakes in their emails or posts?  I just hope I haven't committed my own pet peeve in this posting.  LOL!

Have a great week!

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