Friday, October 31, 2014

Your Mornings...

I was going through twitter and clicked on a link someone listed.  It was this link:

Hate Mornings?  6 Small Changes That Will Fix Everything:

Since I'm having problems finding time to write these days, what am I doing wrong?

I first looked at my mornings.  My goal is to have everything done before lunch.  Most days I get there.  But then I started thinking what all I do every morning.

* I get up and make my husband coffee, because he says I make it better (:: eyeroll ::)
* I clean the house (that's my gym and I have to lose weight thanks to diabetes) for at least an hour
* I get a shower
* I walk the dogs
* I eat breakfast (yes, after all of that, I finally eat breakfast...that's not good, either).
* I check emails and answer phone calls from my kids (which gets ridiculous some days)
* I let the dogs in and out a million times
* I eat lunch
* I FINALLY can write, IF I don't have to run errands.

Something's not right with this process.  I need to fix this problem, stat.  I'm thinking I should either move something to the afternoon during the after-lunch-sleepy-time, or after dinner.  I'm thinking I should schedule writing time for a two-hour bit at a time.  Maybe something like this:

* I get a shower and then eat breakfast
* I make my husband coffee
* I write for three hours, uninterrupted, and tell my kids not to call me until after ten
* I eat lunch
* I walk the dogs when it warms up outside (this winter, we won't be walking at all so I don't fall on the ice)
* I check emails and answer phone calls from my kids
* I let the dogs in and out a million times
* I clean the house between 2:00 and 4:00 when my son and husband get home from work

Do you have this problem, too?  Is your life interfering with your writing? Or, if you're a reader, are you having problems finding times to read?

Try reorganizing your life and see if that makes a difference.

Have a wonderful day and a Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Timing of Book Publishing for the Holidays

So I have this book all ready to publish.  I've edited until I'm blue in the face.  It's a Christmas story for the Cupid Romance Series.  But I'm not publishing it yet.


Because it's a Christmas story.  I want it to hit right when people are thinking about Christmas, probably right around Black Friday.  New books are on Amazon's pages and if it's close to Christmas, I might get more buyers.  I could put it out before it's ready to sell (Amazon's pre-order feature: but I don't know if that's such a good idea since I'm not a well-known author with fans waiting for this book.

Here's what I think.  For certain holiday books, there is about a one-month window before the holiday that hits the buyer at just the right time for sales.  The biggies are Valentine's Day, Fourth of July/summer, Autumn books, Halloween, and Christmas.  I suspect Christmas might be the biggest for sales.  I was thinking I should wait until the stores put out their Christmas trees, but they're up already in Walmart.  Ridiculous!  It's not even Halloween yet.

If you're an author, have you ever held onto a book to publish at a certain time?

Friday, October 17, 2014

What Would You Do With These Writing Prompts?

When I was a kid, my mom thought she'd spark our creativity.  She was a fourth grade teacher and would give her kids this prompt:

I swing as high as the clouds...

HUH?  Yeah.  I didn't bite at all on that one.  I wanted to write, 'So?  I fall off and die.'  Guess my days as a mystery writer started early or something.

But what if you got one of the following prompts?  What would you do with these?

1.  Everyone in the room stared at the newcomer, at least the part of its body they could actually see...

2.  'It's heading for us!  Get into the tornado shelter!'

3.  I was alone in the house, but my dogs thought otherwise.

4.  I'm from a hundred years in the future, where...

5.  I've traveled the world, but never have I seen something like...

What would you do?  Anything strike your fancy?  They don't have to be a full story, but just an idea to get someone started.

I think I'd start with the following:

1.  Everyone in the room stared at the newcomer, at least the part of its body they could actually see...

The being was invisible except for his smile, making me nickname him 'Cheshire Cat.'

2.  "It's heading for us!  Get into the tornado shelter!"
"We don't have a tornado shelter."
"Dig one using your superpowers.  We have three seconds until the giant alien gets here.  His stride is a mile a second,'re wasting time!"

3.  I was alone in the house, but my dogs thought otherwise.
"I hate when the ghosts are active during the day."

4.  I'm from a hundred years in the future, where...
...time has slowed down to a crawl, thanks to an invention that went wrong.

5.  I've traveled the world, but never have I seen something like...
...people eating stones to become stronger.

Any other ideas?

Have a great week!

Friday, October 10, 2014

How Long is Too Long for a Book?

I've been noticing that book lengths have been shortening.  What used to be an acceptable length of 80,000 words is now considered a 'longer' book.  I'm not sure if I'm the only one noticing this, but it also seems that different genres demand longer books.  Fantasy readers seem to want longer books.  But romance readers want that fix for the happily ever after ending sooner.

This is just what I've been noticing from reading different books and from listening to authors I know.

But, according to Smashwords, books that are longer seem to sell better.  (see  If so, why are so many books out there so short?  I even heard one story of a series of books that are short, because they're part of one book.  So the reader gets to a cliff hanger and can't read more until they buy the next book.  Irritating!

Personally, I want a well-written book, without extra superfluous words (padding).  I don't care how long the thing is, but I want my money's worth.  i don't want a book with a lot of tells, which is short, just because the author wants to make a bunch of money but doesn't want to put in the effort to make a decent book.

What do you think?

Have a great week!

Friday, October 3, 2014

What Kind of Book Should You Write?

So I stumbled across this test:

and I took it.  It even gave me code to put on a website or a blog to show you what I got:

Certificate: Test results
What Type of Book Should You Write?
For 40 % you are: You should write an action book! Comics and graphic novels are your strong point. Examples include stuff like Spiderman. Keep it super fast-paced!
10.7219 % of 5596 Quiz participants had this profile! Profile A

You could also get this result:
For 40 % you are: You should write humour! It doesn't matter what it's about, as long as it's hilarious, it's good. This includes many things, from Wimpy Kid to Poppy Fields to Tyke Tyler. PS: This is my favourite! Remember that not everyone has the same sense of humour. Profile B

Or even this one:
For 20 % you are: You should write a thriller! You like tension and really good scares, and a good pace. Examples include...I don't know, the song by Michael Jackson? Anyway, you should write a thriller. Profile C

Or even this one:
For 0 % you are: You should write fantasy! Witches, unicorns, vampires...crazy things are AWESOME! Many books have fantasy elements, like Artemis Fowl and Twilight. You are great at creating original stuff or simply recycling older stuff. Profile D
Take this quiz: What Type of Book Should You Write? paced, yes. But comic books? LOL!

Here's another one:

This one says I should be writing romance.  LOL!  Too funny!

So what scores did you get?  Are you writing what they say you should be writing?

Have a great week!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Newsletter

Have a Ghoulin' Great October!

It's October already!  I can't believe it, myself.  Snow...I MEAN winter is just around the corner.  But until then I'm enjoying the fall leaves, just starting to make themselves known all over my yard...I MEAN in our neighborhood.  LOL!

I hope you enjoy the season filled with pumpkins, fall leaves, and of course, Halloween with all the little trick-or-treaters who come to your door begging for candy.  :)

Have a happy and safe October!
SweetTale Books

Need a new book to read?

In honor of the season, might I suggest a wonderful anthology filled with some fun reads about autumn/harvest/Halloween stories?

Six complete sweet to sensual romances from six multi-talented authors in settings that are sure to keep you spellbound with tales about young magic, charming reunions, and new beginnings. Enjoy the darker side where witches cast spells, vampires exist, and zombies walk the earth. There's a story for everyone. Included in this autumn collection: 

Man of Her Dreams by Gerald Costlow
Anise and Charlene are living the busy lives of young Goth women trying to juggle college and jobs and – in their case – training as apprentice Sherritt witches under the tutelage of Anise's mother, Annabel. 

Then over Thanksgiving break, the girls encounter a young man named Donnie who claims to be running from a demon – a demon sent by the Devil himself. They might have dismissed the man as deluded, but Anise recognizes him from her dreams. He is the perfect lover she's been dreaming of night after night. 

Now the witches are involved in a deadly game of hide-and-seek, discovering they have only days to figure out how to help Donnie. Are even the famous Sherritt witches up to the challenge? Third in the Modern Day Sherritt series. 

Under the Harvest Moon by Markee Anderson 
Victoria Sommerfield is the maid of honor at her neighbor's wedding, the day after the Harvest Festival. She's also very fond of Kirby, her best friend from high school, who's also in the bridal party. Victoria's forced to make a few decisions thanks to a crime in town. At least Kirby can save the day, for now. But can she take the next step with him? 

Day of the Dead ~ (Dia de los Muertos) by Cecilia Corona
The Day of the Dead takes on a new meaning, when the dead don't stay dead. Dr. Valentina Bellmonte, a cancer survivor, is the new coroner at Hope Memorial. Her faith is put to the test when a body arrives at the morgue drained of blood and the man responsible for the crime is sporting fangs. Could vampires be real? 

Her good friend, Dr. Xander Carlisle seems to know the truth, but he's unwilling to confide in her. He has a secret of his own and it's not just how he feels about her, but something else entirely, something he's forbidden to reveal. 

Apple of His Eye by Nan O'Berry
Callie Dalton's truck runs out of gas on the road to her families fruit stand. When a forestry agent Marshall Albright comes to her rescue, little does she know that he is the grandson of her grandfather's worst enemy, Brice Huntington. It seems the Dalton's and Huntington's have been waging a feud for the past twenty-nine years, ever since Laura Huntington left Stephen Dalton at the altar. 

Falling in love was the easy part; the hard part is going to be keeping their grandparents from confronting one another. Can their love bring these two warring factions together? 

Alive by Vincent Nutt
A mutated form of Cholera infects the world, creating zeeks, a zombielike creature in every respect. The group I'm with has traveled far. We've all lost those we've held dear along the way, but when life is unpredictable, anything can happen... This Thanksgiving brings new friends into our lives, and a fresh look at what tomorrow may bring. 

Young Witchcraft by Stephanie Burkhart
Rachel's secret would have Cotton Mather rolling over in his grave. She's been raised from an early age to use magic for good, despite her temptation to cast a spell against Phil the bully who can't stop teasing her. 

Joe thinks Rachel is cool, especially when she weaves her healing magic spells on him, but he's got his own problems. It's not easy keeping Rachel safe from Phil's constant threats. 

When Phil poisons Rachel, can love and little young witchcraft bring Rachel and Joe together or has years of Phil's bullying ruined their relationship for good?

Buy links:

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Have a wonderful month!
SweetTale Books