Friday, October 24, 2014

Timing of Book Publishing for the Holidays

So I have this book all ready to publish.  I've edited until I'm blue in the face.  It's a Christmas story for the Cupid Romance Series.  But I'm not publishing it yet.


Because it's a Christmas story.  I want it to hit right when people are thinking about Christmas, probably right around Black Friday.  New books are on Amazon's pages and if it's close to Christmas, I might get more buyers.  I could put it out before it's ready to sell (Amazon's pre-order feature: but I don't know if that's such a good idea since I'm not a well-known author with fans waiting for this book.

Here's what I think.  For certain holiday books, there is about a one-month window before the holiday that hits the buyer at just the right time for sales.  The biggies are Valentine's Day, Fourth of July/summer, Autumn books, Halloween, and Christmas.  I suspect Christmas might be the biggest for sales.  I was thinking I should wait until the stores put out their Christmas trees, but they're up already in Walmart.  Ridiculous!  It's not even Halloween yet.

If you're an author, have you ever held onto a book to publish at a certain time?

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