Friday, October 31, 2014

Your Mornings...

I was going through twitter and clicked on a link someone listed.  It was this link:

Hate Mornings?  6 Small Changes That Will Fix Everything:

Since I'm having problems finding time to write these days, what am I doing wrong?

I first looked at my mornings.  My goal is to have everything done before lunch.  Most days I get there.  But then I started thinking what all I do every morning.

* I get up and make my husband coffee, because he says I make it better (:: eyeroll ::)
* I clean the house (that's my gym and I have to lose weight thanks to diabetes) for at least an hour
* I get a shower
* I walk the dogs
* I eat breakfast (yes, after all of that, I finally eat breakfast...that's not good, either).
* I check emails and answer phone calls from my kids (which gets ridiculous some days)
* I let the dogs in and out a million times
* I eat lunch
* I FINALLY can write, IF I don't have to run errands.

Something's not right with this process.  I need to fix this problem, stat.  I'm thinking I should either move something to the afternoon during the after-lunch-sleepy-time, or after dinner.  I'm thinking I should schedule writing time for a two-hour bit at a time.  Maybe something like this:

* I get a shower and then eat breakfast
* I make my husband coffee
* I write for three hours, uninterrupted, and tell my kids not to call me until after ten
* I eat lunch
* I walk the dogs when it warms up outside (this winter, we won't be walking at all so I don't fall on the ice)
* I check emails and answer phone calls from my kids
* I let the dogs in and out a million times
* I clean the house between 2:00 and 4:00 when my son and husband get home from work

Do you have this problem, too?  Is your life interfering with your writing? Or, if you're a reader, are you having problems finding times to read?

Try reorganizing your life and see if that makes a difference.

Have a wonderful day and a Happy Halloween!

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