Saturday, November 1, 2014

November Newsletter

November is Here!

Yum!  I love November.  Fall air is cool and crisp and the beautiful leaves are everywhere.  Then, just when you think it's over comes Thanksgiving in the U.S.  Along with football on Thanksgiving day and running out to watch the crazy people on Black Friday, it can't get any better than that.

November is a fun month!  Plus, it's not quite winter yet.  YAY!

Have a happy and fun-filled November!
SweetTale Books

A New Book!

This month, I'll be publishing a new book.  It's entitled 'Wishing on Mistletoe Mountain.'  It'll come out mid-month in both e-book and paperback.

Here's the front cover for the ebook:

And the back for the paperback:

Here's the blurb, too (also shown on the back cover).  This is part of the Cupid Romance Series by Markee Anderson.

When Rebecca St. Claire turns down a proposal of marriage to a potential senator in public, she knows it’s going to be all over the news. However, that’s not her worry right now. Instead, she has to deal with the cops at her door, telling her to move her car for the neighbor across the street. As soon as they leave, she heads outside, promptly locking herself out of her house. Realizing her mistake, she digs in the snow to find a spare key.

Dr. Zane Forrest watches the lady across the street dig in the snow. All he asked was for her to move her car so the moving van could deliver his furniture. He needs to meet this lady and find out if she’s crazy.

When they meet and he hears her story, he proposes that she use him as a rebound guy, to get rid of the senator and any reporters that want her story. She considers the thought, because it would also give her a date for Christmas at her parents’ cabin in Mistletoe, CO.


The cupid crew is on the case, trying to make this relationship work. With their bad track record and the fact that they’re turning it into a competition, it could be worse than disastrous.

It'll be out mid-November, in time for Christmas sales.  Check back here and at (the home page) for more details.

Have a wonderful month!
SweetTale Books

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