Friday, November 14, 2014

Plotting: It Does a Body (and Mind) Good

The other day, I was stuck on a plot.  It's a 'slow moving' book, meaning I'm having problems getting my pantser brain in gear to get the thing done.  I'm not very far into the book, but when it's done, I'm thinking it might be good. LOL!

However, I was stuck.  I didn't like the way the plot was going and even begged my buddy, Valerie, to help me (she lives near me and we go out for coffee to talk about our husbands, dogs, and kids).  She gave me something to get started right off the top of her head while we shopped at Target for shirts for her to go to a dinner that night with her husband and people from his company.  It took her a few seconds to straighten out the female lead's back story and it really works.

But I was stuck.  What should I do after I explain she's holding secrets?  I cleaned the house, brewing about what I should do.  I talked to myself, and yes, I even danced to music.  The dogs thought I was insane and tried to dance with me, but I was working through a plot problem.

I finally decided to take a nap with the dogs (they demand an afternoon nap with me while I type, sitting on our bed...go figure).  That's when it hit me.  The plot.  The next scene and the entire series became clearer in my mind.  I could do this.  I didn't even fall asleep before it all made sense.  I just needed to quiet my brain and listen to my inner voice.

Thus, when you're stuck, go plot.  Take a nap.  Lay in quiet and let the scene unfold before your eyes, in your mind.

However, for me this time, I not only took a semi-nap, but I socialized, cleaned the house, and even exercised.  It helped my body and mind straighten things out.

I have another friend who plots in the shower.  For some reason, water seems to help her think.

What do you do to plot out your stories?

Have a great week!

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