Friday, January 30, 2015

Hot off the Presses--Book Number 40!

Want a new book to read that's not your 'normal' book?  This one is about Lucky Lucy, a teenage race car driver double.


Lucy George thought she was the luckiest girl alive. At 17, she was chosen by accident to become Daria Tuff's racing double, making Daria win a lot. However, Daria's a drama queen and now that she's in college, Lucy's had enough.  It doesn't help that the NSA wants to recruit Lucy, or that her dad's loan shark wants to kidnap her for collateral. Luck has run out for Lucky Lucy…or has it?

First Chapter:

I have this weird ability to be at the right place at the right time. I don't know why or how this was true, but it's happened to me more than once in my lifetime. For example, when I was six, I just happened to be the ten-thousandth customer at a grocery store. Mom had already gone through the line, but I wanted a candy bar. My mom had given me cash and taught me how to go through the line behind her. As soon as I paid, balloons flew into the air, music started…and I cried. I was handed a thousand bucks, which bought me more than my fair share of candy bars for a few years. I guess it was just my lot in life to be lucky, because it happened to me a lot.

Some people seem to think my life's story is a true legend, but honestly, it's just because I'm lucky. Always have been, and even though it seemed not to be true for part of my life, it always will be.

The last day of my senior year in high school was typical for me. After the niceties of handing in all our books and signing yearbooks, the students gathered in the auditorium so the administration could make sure there would be no senior pranks. Like they could stop it. The thought cracked me up.

The principal stood in front of the room. Mr. Wilder was a portly man, whose shirt's buttons always looked like they were going to burst open at any time. He wore a white shirt and a dark blue tie, with gray pants and a gray jacket. His glasses were those half-dealies, resting on the end of his wart-ridden nose. I wasn't a fan of Mr. Wilder, because he followed every rule to the letter, regardless if it made sense or not.

"Senior claaaasss…" That's how he talked, drawing out every last word in emphasis. "We're going to keep you here until the end of the daaaaayyy."

Everyone groaned, but we all knew that would happen, because we'd been told the same thing all week long.

He continued. "We want to diminish the probability of senior praaannnkkksss."

Well, duh…

My friend and neighbor, Tristan, leaned over from beside me. "Shoot me now," he whispered. "It has to be less painless."

I covered my mouth so Wilder couldn't see me laughing, but Tristan was a hoot.

"What'cha gonna do about the offer?" he whispered.

"What offer?" I whispered back to him.

"Didn't Daria call you?"

Daria Tuff was the world's top stock car racer, currently participating in the Green Racing League. Tristan was my go-to guy for Daria. He spoke to her and the rest of the team on the phone, at least. He also went with me to races, because he was just a nice guy. But he hadn't interacted with Daria much at all. He'd avoided her at all costs, whenever possible, because she was a flirt.

"No, she didn't call me," I said. "What does she need now?"

"A race. Saturday in Kentucky. She called me to make sure you'd be there. She wants to go on vacation with some guy."

We lived in Indiana, north of Indianapolis, about four hours from the racetrack. "Won't someone see her when she's supposed to be running a race?"

"Probably. She's setting everything up for the vacation and will just fly in for the race. But she thinks she'll be too nervous to race, so you're elected. She thinks this guy's the one."

"How much?" I whispered to him.

"Five hundred grand for the total prize, so you get fifty grand. I didn't know why she didn't call you."

The principal droned on and on about the prizes for the senior class.

I leaned closer to Tristan's ear. "I don't know. But fifty grand would be nice."

He nodded.

"Miss George," Mr. Wilder said.

I jumped in my seat.

"Come up here."

Yikes. What had I done now?
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Have a great weekend and read a new book!

Writing Rules! Into versus In To

I know I've written about this before, but it still is good to review.

When do you use 'into' and when do you use 'in to' when writing?

Here's a quick way to remember it.
If you can replace in to with 'in order to' then it's in to (with a space)
If it answers a questions of where, then it's into (no space).

Easy, right?  But there's more.

If the 'to' is part of the verb (like to hear), then there's a space.  Also, if you can replace the in to with 'to' then there's a space.

I ran into a friend of mine.  (in order to didn't work there, so it's into)
The man came in to shake my hand. (to shake is part of the verb, but you could also put the word 'order' between in and to and it makes sense).


Happy writing!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Writing Young Adult Books

One of my pen names writes YA (young adult) books.  Her name is Kyra Myles, but you probably already know this from past blog postings.  Why did I create such a pen name?

At the time I created Kyra Myles' name, my two daughters were teenagers.  There wasn't much out there for them to read that wasn't smutty in nature but geared toward their age range (YA is for ages 12 and up).  I've found that a lot of girls' YA books have explicit sex scenes and swearing, when the readers are very innocent and know nothing of such a world.  They read that stuff for the 'wow' factor.  I didn't want my girls reading those books, so I created the pen name of Kyra Myles.

My first book was Angel 911: bullied, about a girl who is bullied at school.  As it turns out, she has a guardian angel who helps her, because the bullies are demonic, especially the 'lead' bully.  This is part of a series of books.  It's the basic good vs. evil scenario.

I also write many of my YA books in first person (taken from the viewpoint of the main character). Therefore, the narrative is all about 'I' and 'me' when written.  Some readers don't like this, but personally, those are my favorite types of books.  I use that point of view for many of my Andie Alexander books, as well.  Why?  Because I can really get into character in my head when I write like that.  I'm not an outsider seeing what's going on, but am only in one person's head for the entire book.  Thoughts come more naturally for my characters when I write like that.

I did a bit of research on how to write YA books and came up with the following:

  • Think like a teenager, not like an adult.  
  • The main character (the protagonist) should be older than 12.  Kids read 'up' but rarely 'down' in age.  So a kid of 12 wouldn't read a book with a kid who's 12, but would read about a kid of 14, for example.  Thus, the main characters need to be older than 12.
  • Talk like a kid, in narration and in dialogue.  This can sound like an adult, but have bits and pieces of 'teenager' talk in it.  Hang out with some teenagers and you'll see what is appropriate.
  • Overemphasize things, as teenagers do.  'Everybody in the world was staring at me.'  Now, that's really not possible, but to a teenager, it feels that way.
  • Write short--short sentences, short paragraphs, and even shorter books (70,000 words and less).
  • There should be lots of inward conflict.  First person lends itself really well to this.  The more drama, the better.

So, writing a YA book is different than writing other books, but in some ways, it's the same.  I just think like my kids, who are filled with drama, even into their 20s, and voila, it comes out in my books.

Have a great week!


Friday, January 16, 2015

Young Adult Books by Kyra Myles

Need a YA book for someone to read?  Want one that's innocent and clean, considered 'sweet'?  Then you've come to the right place!

Kyra Myles, my YA pen name, only writes sweet innocent books.  There's no overtone of sex or swearing.  They're not bloody gory violent and are meant for teenagers to read.

I have two series of books, with just the first books out so far.  I've been working on the second of the series for each of these, but time to write has become tough with all the demands I have during the day (between kids, dogs, and dealing with exercise for my diabetes).

Here are the first of these series.  First, the Angel 911 series.  This will be a group of books that deal with angels helping out normal kids, who battle demons of some type.  The first one is called 'bullied' because the girl (Heather) is bullied at school.  Her new neighbor, Mildred, is a grandmotherly type of angel who watches out for Heather.

Blurb: "I'm not sure about you, but I don't like being bullied at high school. However, with our new neighbor, Granny Millie, and this new kid at school, Ben Evans, I have a new outlook on life. With them around, the bullies, Ryan and Derek, can't hurt me as much. At least I hope so, but I may be wrong. This story is about my life and how just a few helpers can make a huge difference. I just wish I knew how Granny Millie knows what I like to eat. It's as if she's a superhero." ~ Heather Everett, main character.

Mildred, a member of the Angel 911 group in Heaven, wants to create world peace. However, Gabriel assigns her to a fifteen-year old freshman, Heather, who is in a bad place in her life, which is hardly a place to create world peace. Mildred knows she can't fight Gabriel, so she does her job, overstepping her bounds more than once to help Heather and her dysfunctional family fight against evil.

Want to read the first chapter?  Go here:

This book is listed on various sites if you'd like to read more:
 All Romance eBooks
 Barnes & Noble
 Apple Store/iBooks


Next up, 'What?  I Have Superpowers?':

This is the first of the SuperJ series of stories.

Blurb: Jenna Meade lives in Cary, North Carolina, and is a typical student starting her junior year in high school. At least she thinks she's typical, until Erik Gibson walks into the school. Erik's a bad boy, and very forward...just what Jenna has been drawn to, yet trying to avoid as an honor student. Erik has exactly her same schedule, and finally explains he's from outer space, on earth to protect Jenna. She can't believe it until he explains that she's a princess from the planet Dyrl, and proves to her that she has superpowers. Now it's up to them to save Dyrl and the earth.

And to think her worst problem used to be high school.

Want to read the first chapter?  Go here:

If you'd like to read more, find this book here:

 All Romance eBooks
 Barnes & Noble
 Apple Store/iBooks


And last, but not least, is a short story that came out at Christmas of 2014.

Blurb: Gemma Charles and her family are officially homeless. Will the alien ready to offer Gemma a job be able to follow through with cash, or will he just be like her dad and disappear or die when the going gets tough?

There's only one way to know, and Gemma is curious enough to find out.


Want to read the first chapter?  Go here:

Want to read more?  Check out these sites:

 Barnes & Noble
 Apple Store/iBooks

I hope you enjoy these books!  They're a lot of fun to write!

Have a great week!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Introducing Webster, Our New Frenchton Puppy!

This is our new 8-week-old puppy, Webster!  After much deliberation, that name is the only one that stuck.  A Frenchton is a French bulldog-Boston terrier mix.  They look like a Boston terrier except are a tiny bit smaller and have rounder ears.  We have two other Bostons, Calvin and Hobbes.  They love him like a brother and are so gentle with this dog.  It's hilarious!  When Webster chews on their ears or tries to steal a bone, they just take it and move away.  LOL!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the picture of Webster, our new addition.  He's a sweet dog with lots of affection!

Have a great week!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Meet Kyra Myles!

I thought it was time to introduce 'myself' through telling about my different pen names.  This month, I'll be discussing Kyra Myles, my YA pen name.

For fun, here are a list of her books.  It's short, for now, but I'm working on expanding the number of titles for Kyra.  Feel free to solve the puzzle below!

Kyra's pen name was born when my kids were teenagers.  I found there weren't many clean books out there for teenagers, especially girls.  It seems that the ones out there are all R rated, which isn't something I wanted my girls to be reading.

So to get them involved, I put my two daughters on the covers.  Angel 911: bullied has a self-portrait of our youngest child, and What?  I Have Superpowers? is our middle child.  These girls are now both in college.  The youngest is majoring in a type of graphics art major, and the redhead (the one with attitude!  LOL!) is majoring in history education and a second major in math.  Even though they're 13 months apart, they both should graduate in May 2017 (if all goes well).

Kyra's books are all centered around girls.  I haven't written any for boys yet, much to our son's frustration (he's 22, so he can chill out about it), because I don't think like boys.  But I can think like girls, so I wrote about girl protagonists.

Next week, I'll go more fully into a discussion of these books.  They're fun to write, because teenagers are so filled with angst.  I just had to watch my kids and it was easy to write about what they were going through, sort of.

Have a super week and enjoy the puzzle!
Markee, writing as Kyra

Thursday, January 1, 2015

It's January! Time for a newsletter!

Hello, 2015!

Welcome, 2015!  It's going to be a great year!  Do you have your New Year's resolutions listed yet?  Me, either.  But it won't take long to realize that days are filled and what starts out as great intentions may or may not come to pass.  I say to chill, take each day as it comes, and roll with the punches.  :)

Happy New Year!
SweetTale Books

2014--A Pretty Good Year!

This past year, I put out a few books (not many) and also re-introduced the Paige Ryter pen name under a different genre.  It's been fun, and I hope this year, I can put out more books than last year.

What are your favorite types of books?  What would you like to see next?

Have a wonderful month and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
SweetTale Books

Happy New Year!!!

Time to take out the old and bring in the new...books!

Here's wishing you new adventures and 
plots to both read and write this year!

Happy New Year!
From Markee and the gang