Friday, January 9, 2015

Meet Kyra Myles!

I thought it was time to introduce 'myself' through telling about my different pen names.  This month, I'll be discussing Kyra Myles, my YA pen name.

For fun, here are a list of her books.  It's short, for now, but I'm working on expanding the number of titles for Kyra.  Feel free to solve the puzzle below!

Kyra's pen name was born when my kids were teenagers.  I found there weren't many clean books out there for teenagers, especially girls.  It seems that the ones out there are all R rated, which isn't something I wanted my girls to be reading.

So to get them involved, I put my two daughters on the covers.  Angel 911: bullied has a self-portrait of our youngest child, and What?  I Have Superpowers? is our middle child.  These girls are now both in college.  The youngest is majoring in a type of graphics art major, and the redhead (the one with attitude!  LOL!) is majoring in history education and a second major in math.  Even though they're 13 months apart, they both should graduate in May 2017 (if all goes well).

Kyra's books are all centered around girls.  I haven't written any for boys yet, much to our son's frustration (he's 22, so he can chill out about it), because I don't think like boys.  But I can think like girls, so I wrote about girl protagonists.

Next week, I'll go more fully into a discussion of these books.  They're fun to write, because teenagers are so filled with angst.  I just had to watch my kids and it was easy to write about what they were going through, sort of.

Have a super week and enjoy the puzzle!
Markee, writing as Kyra

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