Friday, February 20, 2015

A Review of 'Fleeting Hope,' by Diane Craver

(cover taken from Barnes & Noble website)

If you like Amish romances, you'll love this one!  It's the third book of the series 'Dreams of Plain Daughters' about Ruth and David.

Ruth is an older, unmarried school marm.  She had her one chance at marriage to Daniel, but he died right before they were married.  Thus, she's alone.

Her neighbor, David, is a widower.  Some of his children are grown, and two of them are in Ruth's class at school.

This story describes the love story between these two, and how life is different in the Amish tradition.

I really liked this book, because I grew up in Lancaster, PA, one of the biggest Amish communities around.  This story, though, takes place in Ohio, but sticks to the Amish traditions I remember hearing about when I was a kid.  Even though I'm not Amish, I respect that they stick to their traditions and have a strong community.  Those ideas come out in this book, showing some of the struggles that they all face to remain pure to the Amish faith.

So I give this one five out of five stars!  Since Amazon won't let me post a review (I've been banned), I'm writing it here.

Thank you, Ms. Craver, for telling the story of Ruth and David.  It's a great book!  Keep writing!  I can't wait to read the fourth one, which is already out.

Have a great week!

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