Friday, February 6, 2015

Meet Paige Ryter!!!

One of my original pen names was Paige Ryter.  I knew a teacher at my son's middle school with the last name of Ryter (pronounced writer).  I thought it was a cool addition to the word 'Paige' so the name would be 'page writer.'  Thus, it stuck.  I published one romance novel with an epub under that name, but the epub went belly up and I'm still waiting for my rights back from that place, even though the contract was up years ago.

Thus, I had this pen name of Paige Ryter.  I also have the website, which is the main one with Bluehost.  I had to keep the name.  But I'd already published more romances under the name Markee Anderson, to get away from the epub.  I had to reinvent Paige's genre.

I love writing adventure stories, and love writing funny things, even though some readers don't think they're that funny.  So they're 'humorous,' I guess.  I also love writing funny paranormal and/or sci-fi things.  Thus, Paige's new identity was born.  I added 'Live the Adventure' for the tag line, because that kind of explains things and allows me to put just about any type of book in there, since life is an adventure.

I have one book out right now under the Paige Ryter name.  I put it out last Christmas (less than two months ago).  It's just a short story, but was really fun to write.

Here's the information for 'Ginger, Spice, and Everything Not Nice,' by Paige Ryter.




It's Christmas Eve, and like every other day of the year, Lyra McCabe is baking cookies. However, her idea of the universe is about ready to extend when Rick Shilling, Entity Exterminator, runs through the door, shooting at living gingerbread men.

Time to expand your world, Lyra, and it's way past due!

Rick Shilling to the Rescue Story 1 -- NOVELLA LENGTH


Here's the first chapter excerpt:

I plan to have more Rick Shilling to the Rescue stories, because the characters are just fun to write.

Check out this book!  It's light and easy to read, and may even make you smile or laugh.


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