Friday, March 20, 2015

Eryn's Series of Books

I have a few series of books, written by Eryn Grace.

First up...Christian Romances based on Timeless Tales:

Each of these books have some sort of link to a nursery rhyme or a fairy tale. The characters are named a similar name to the timeless tale, and the relationship between the main characters reminds the reader of the tale.  However, they're Christian romances, so the stories move on from the tale after that initial similarity.

Next, there's the Three Cross Faith set of books.

This series is about a Christian rock band called 'Three Cross Faith.'  They live in the fictional town of Three Cross, Texas, which is south of Midland.  Each of the members of the band are Christian, but the people they meet are hurting in some way, usually spiritually.  Come join the journey of this band, and how they handle the public in the Three Cross Faith series of books.

Eryn also has other series of books planned, some of which are already written.  But the other series have to be finished, first.  Book number five is halfway done as of right now, and will be a doozy.  

Have a great week!

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