Friday, March 6, 2015

Meet Eryn Grace!

Do you like reading Christian books, especially ones that aren't preachy?  Then you might like the books by my alter-ego pen name, Eryn Grace.

Most of the books are romances and in third person point of view (he said, she said, instead of first person, which is 'I said,' etc.)  I'm working on some other genres for Eryn, such as a Christian adventure, and a Christian humorous mystery series.

For now, Eryn has two series of books out, as well as a few single titles.  Here are her books:

Christian Romances based on Timeless Tales

Three Cross Faith Series

Single Series Books

If you want to know more about any of these books, click on a cover, or go to

More information will be coming next week.  Stay tuned!

Have a great week and God bless you!
Eryn Grace (written by Markee)

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